What we had for our Dinner? Korean food! by devyleona

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What we had for our Dinner? Korean food!

Hello, Friends especially Foodies! 

Although in my country government only give the night hour which mean public places would be closed earlier in this pandemic era, but we still could order food online and I also limit our eating outside and also go to public places so like usually mom and I had our dinner home, like tonight. What we had was the one we liked to order in the former times, if we wanted to have Korean food at home. Like what we had tonight, I ordered on the apps and around 20 minutes our food came. We ordered our favorite package which contained beef bulgogi, japchae, mandu, kimchi and of course, rice. 

Here how our dinner looked like 


What a complete package we had, right? Now I would like to share about the taste. 

Start from our favorite, beef bulgogi. 


The basic flavour of this dish was sweet and savory with soft sliced beef and also onion, always tasty and we loved it much. Sometimes, I even missed this dish a lot. LOL. 

Next, mandu 


Mandu is Korean fried dumpling. It had chicken cooked with kinda kimchi seasoning so it had sweet savory plus sour and spicy flavour. The skin was thin crunchy and soft, made it even tastier :9. 

The one and only kimchi


It was kinda korean pickles. It had spicy, savory and only a bit sweet flavour. It made the dinner tasted fresh but sadly, none of us favorited kimchi… 

Guess how much I paid for our dinner? 


We had it for only 59,800 IDR or around 4.2 USD with that tasty flavour, and I’m not kidding about the price so it won’t make you broke, right? 


So wanna try the tasty Korean food too? 

Mujigae by Tabula – Gambir
Central Jakarta
Open daily 10 am – 9 pm
Only order via online transportation app
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