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Fasting Experience of today..... by rehan12

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· @rehan12 ·
Fasting Experience of today.....
Hello everyone....
With all the commotion that is happening around us, I thought yesterday why not fast today. Well, basically it is from a religious aspect. So let me share how today was for me while I was fasting and that as well in this quarantine phase lol.
Technically, it was half-day. As I was sleeping half of the day because I went to sleep at around 6 in the morning. So it was not that hard for me. But it did help with a few of the things such as I was not really willing to out from my house even if any need came by and in this situation this is a good thing.  I do like to stay at home for as long as possible.   
<center><a href="https://pixabay.com/photos/sandwich-food-movement-roll-snack-2977251/"><img src="https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/rehan12/EtpEMppM-sandwich-2977251_960_720201.jpg"/></a></center>
Honestly speaking, the day went very fast and before even I realized it was time to break the fast. I did some usual tasks at home which I try to do once I wake up and then sit in front of the computer and go through tasks that are pending as this has become more of a daily routine for me for the last couple of days. Quarantine fact lol. 
But in a way, it is really a good way to pass your time. Some might say the opposite but for me, it is that way, I am very active now on blockchain aspects. Like I am curating more, focussing more on my own posts, sharing more with you all and there is also YOUTUBE. Not a bad way to pass the time indeed. 

So time to break the fast. The fasting period starts from early in the morning which is as soon as the sun gets up for the day and the breaking of fast/completion of fast comes to an end at the sunset of the day. (To be more precise from Fazr-Maghrib). 
![1 55.jpg](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/rehan12/abooon8V-12055.jpg)
As you can see those were my items as I broke my fast. Let me name them below:
* Rice (Polau)
* Roasted Chana
* Pakora 
* Alu Chop 
* Carrot 
and soft drink (Mango juice)
While I am allergic to any kind of nuts, so I had to skip Roasted Chana and had to be happy with other items. I hate it when I like an item of food but I can not have it for a certain reason. Damnnnnn....
My mother prepared all of them and I must say that I am a fan of her cooking. She makes some of the most delicious foods that I have ever tasted. Well, all the kids do thinks their moms are the best cook, guardian, lover and in one word if I have to say Moms are Supergirl (Female version of superman).
I always try to keep in mind that at the present time it is not really a good time for those who live by the daily income they are having a hard time because of this ripple effect of Corona. So do not waste food as some people are not even able to afford the food that you are having every day. So keep that in mind. And things might get worse in the coming days so be prepared for everything.  
While that concludes the post for me and I have a plan to fast few more days before Ramadan. So let's see if by the grace of Almighty I can keep them or not. But I have faith I will be able to keep them. Stay safe everyone! 
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