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Zord's Honeycomb Dalgona Coffee by zord189

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Zord's Honeycomb Dalgona Coffee


This is a fairly easy recipe and anyone and everyone should be able to do it. It only requires the right proportion and good arm strength if you do not have a whisk. 

**So what's part of a dalgona coffee?**

1. Coffee beans (your preference on what type of coffee blend you want. I personally prefer dark heavy aromatic coffee) 
2. Full cream milk or any milk will do. 
3. Brown sugar
4. A whisk (if not prepare to stir your coffee for more than 20 minutes.)

# Making a Dalgona Coffee #





I just bought some mandheling coffee bean by my favourite brand, Essenso. It uses Arabica beans and gives a deep heavy aromatic coffee. Perfect for this kind of coffee. 





Pour one sachet in a cup. Throw two table spoon of water. Remember, you want to pour only a little water so that the coffee thickens. I on the other hand, poured too much ending with a failed dalgona coffee. Haha. But don't be like me, pour very little water and start whisking. 







You start whisking until it becomes foamy and thickens. Make sure when you tilt your spoon, it doesn't fall off but instead, it sticks to your spoon. As I've mentioned, I've added too much water to the whisk so I had to make do with what I have now. 



I use farm fresh milk that was delivered to my home this morning. These milk are fresh from the barn from nearby state and they deliver fresh milk out daily in the early morning to all stores too. 

Once you are done whisking, you pour the milk into your cup first, then slowly and gently pour in your coffee blend so it floats on top like how you see it here. Add brown sugar to your liking and you are done!!! A hearty coffee suitable for breakfast and weekends! 

Have a treat week ahead! 


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