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Solar Opposites Season One Episode One Review
Solar Opposites is a new animated comedy from Hulu. Having the co-creator of <a href=";pub=5575120518&amp;toolid=10001&amp;campid=5338629777&amp;customid=&amp;">Rick &amp; Morty</a> on the development team sets a high bar. That is exactly what happened here, and the similarities are there throughout. For those that don’t know, Rick &amp; Morty is an insanely popular show for Cartoon Network. Unfortunately for fans, that popular show suffers from dire lack of episodes. Solar Opposites seems to be positioned to fill that void with much more content available.

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<h2>Solar Opposites started as a Fox Broadcasting Company production</h2>
Hulu has picked up Solar Opposites as an exclusive for their streaming service. The new comedy did not start life that way though. Initially intended for the Fox Broadcasting Company (FBC), Solar Opposites was dropped for unknown reasons.

Being picked up by Hulu does have perks that would not have been available with FBC. For one thing, never being intended for airing on tradition television opens the shows creators to run wild.
<h2>Setting the stage for more episodes</h2>
We are introduced to the aliens that have been living on Earth for about a year in episode one. Coming from the doomed planet “Shlorp” this banded together group must portray an earthly looking family. Korvo is the “leader” with Terry his assistant and two kids, Ymyulack and Jesse.

Fans of Solar Opposites will recognize similarities with another “aliens living among us” television show. 3<sup>rd</sup> Rock from the Sun was a comedy that aired from early 1996 to mid-2001.


Similarities include how Korvo and “family” misunderstand simple things we take for granted. Korvo is very rigid and “rules based” in how he views the world. Terry is the opposite with the kids in between. The ensuing chaos is what creates the narrative for each episode. For Yumyulack and Jesse it is compounded as they are forced to attend high school with Earth kids.
<h2>Ep #1 – The Matter Transfer Array</h2>
Terry is infatuated with television, one show specifically. Korvo does not understand this addiction and attempts to understand it. Both are easily addicted to “Funbucket” which tells the story of an alien going on various adventures in each episode. Since Korvo and Terry are just discovering television, they do not realize this is all fake.

They find out the show is fake but believe having a real Funbucket can only be a good thing. They are so wrong. Bad. Wrong.


Taking the next logical step an alien would, Korvo and Terry create their own Funbucket. It does not take long for Funbucket to get tired of the two aliens. The newly created creature befriends two “cool” Earthlings named Travis and Avery and hangs with them instead.

Korvo and Terry feeling left out create yet another Funbucket. This second creature is a mess of a mishap. The two Funbuckets combine and form a seriously mutated creature that becomes a monster. Now that he is a monster, he must do what monsters do. That is, destroy the city and terrorize the people.

All while this is going on Yumyulack and Jesse are dealing with a school staff of bigots and bullies. Considering they are aliens they are instantly pushed to the wayside out of fear or stupidity. Or both.


Dealing with a bully in an alien way, they shrink the worst one down to about an inch tall. Keeping the bully as a pet, even making her run the maze, Yumyulack and Jesse contemplate their position in the world and their mission.

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<h2>Running wild and warnings for viewers</h2>
I know, today, if you are watching a show like Solar Opposites then you get what you get. That does not mean that people have different tastes and want at least a nod to stuff to be concerned over.


There is plenty of swearing, blood, and guts in Solar Opposites. There are also times that the show deals with sexism, various phobias, and bigotry. The concerning part is the show may not deal with those topics the same way you may want them to.

If you are thinking this is an animated <a href=";pub=5575120518&amp;toolid=10001&amp;campid=5338629777&amp;customid=&amp;">3<sup>rd</sup> Rock from the Sun</a> you will be disappointed. That live action show had to stick hard to comedic efforts to further the story. Solar Opposites goes wild with the animated fun including tons of violence and impossible actions.
<h2>Similarities to Rick &amp; Morty</h2>
The family structure is a little different in Solar Opposites. For one, they are aliens and not a traditional dysfunctional family. There is no family connection here. Just the job, the mission. Even with that in mind, there are some similarities.


For one, Korvo is clearly the “Rick” of the show. He knows everything, keeps things away from the others, and thinks he is above everyone else. Including humans and other aliens.

Terry is the “Morty” here – clueless in a lot of matters, does not see the consequences of their actions, and generally is comedic fodder.

The Pupa is terribly like “Jerry” in Rick &amp; Morty. He is there, does a few things most viewers will not care about but offers a lot more. For one, the Pupa is destined for a much bigger event than just being a “family pet”.

Yumyulack and Jesse are a lot like “Summer” and “Beth” respectively. They are mostly background characters used to run separate storylines, but they carry their own on the show.
<h2>Is Solar Opposites for you?</h2>
Honestly, I did not ‘get’ <a href=";pub=5575120518&amp;toolid=10001&amp;campid=5338629777&amp;customid=&amp;">Solar Opposites</a> till around the 4<sup>th</sup> episode or so. The antics are so wild and different but familiar at the same time. It was jarring a bit but then grew on me rather quickly.


I personally will be watching season two, which was ordered alongside season one. Hopefully, we will see more animated antics that have had the groundwork laid here.

If Solar Opposites does not follow Rick &amp; Morty in everything they will be fine. For one, I hope it does not take forever to get new episodes.
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