Probit: Blurt deposit is live; Trading in a few hours from now by funtraveller

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Probit: Blurt deposit is live; Trading in a few hours from now
So I finally registered in Probit which is the first top performing crypto exchanges that Blurt was listed to. I've known about this exchanges many months ago but never really had the interest to trade anything there until I became active in Blurt. 

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I usually go for Ionomy to trade Blurt, Hive & Steem as it's the only exchange that allows me to go back and forth these tokens to leverage price differences between them within the exchange itself. Transfering of BTC to other exchange will cost a lot.

Also, the main issue in Ionomy is that Hive & Steem have very low volume and it's also slow, buy & sell orders usually take time to fill. Although there are days that I seemed to be lucky enough to have orders filled just a few hours after I placed them but it's not usually the case.

For this Probit listing I'm hoping to see more volume for Blurt since Hive and Steem have already accumulated a decent volume. As of this moment there are more than 2M Blurt tokens being deposited in Probit in less than 24 hours. That's already a huge build-up of sell orders hours before the trading become live. 

I wonder how much of these tokens will be dumped to a certain price, any idea?

In Ionomy, the highest buy order is 89 Sats while the lowest sell order is priced at 108 Sats. These are not the price levels that I'm aiming for. 

Right now, I'm prepared to buy Blurt tokens at 40 - 60 Sats range while I'm willing to sell my Blurt tokens at 250 - 300 Sats range. When I see that Blurt is trading at either one of these price range then I will definitely participate.

Maybe my expectations are quite stiff but I've been observing how the price of Blurt have been moving in Ionomy and I noticed that it almost reached these price ranges. I feel that in Probit, these price ranges will be breached and so we might see new lows and and or highs in the price of Blurt in the past 3 months or so.

I'm not really sure whether to be optimistic or pessimistic about this new listing but either way I'm prepared to participate in buying or selling of Blurt tokens. I feel that this is an opportunity that I will regret not to get in to.

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