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Midsommar – Movie Review by readingdanvers

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Midsommar – Movie Review

Oh my gods. Yeah, this movie is crazy! And it is pretty good. Ari Aster wrote and directed <i> Midsommar</i> which came out in 2019 and it is his second movie. This movie is good, but still <i>Hereditary</i> is better in my opinion. I don't see it as an improvement, but it was still good, beautiful, artistic, interesting, horrific and it had some great acting. 

The movie follows Dani (played by Florence Pugh, soon to be Yelena Belova in the <i>Black Widow</i> movie) after she goes through a terrible personal trauma. Her anthropologist boyfriend, Christian (played by Jack Reynor), invites her along with his friends for a Midsommar festival in Sweden. Technically it was his friend Pelle (played by Vilhelm Blomgren) who belong to that community that organized this trip for all of his friends. Christian was supposed to breakup with Dani and join this men's trip to Europe. However, after Dani's tragedy he doesn't want to leave her out of uneasiness and asks her to join them. Yes he is a jerk, subtly, and so are his male friends, all except Pelle. Also, everyone in this movie does a great job when it comes to acting. 

This Midsommar is special as it happens once every 90 years and Dani and her friends are there to witness the special event. In all its glory, horror and strange drugs. Forget everything you know about Neo-Paganism and join the ancient world of really bizarre and strange celebrations. As horrific as this movie is, most of it is based on historical facts, which makes this movie even more horrific. You can try and keep an open mind as it's a different culture, but at some point you just can't. Although, I have to admit, at some moments, that Pagan has its own allure.

Also, I can’t help but feel that Christian, the boyfriend's name, is an ironic name. Midsommar is Pagan, but the visitor's I assume by default Christian religion doesn't pop up even once. In fact, no religion is mentioned at all. It is odd. Only the sense of community vs. isolation is discussed. The Christian world is secular and provides no support for its people while the Pagan community in this movie is united and offers a sense of belong and togetherness for everyone. If you can get pass all the terrible things around you.

This movie is more violent and graphic than <i>Hereditary</i>. It includes graphic violence, distorted bodies, frontal nudity both male and female, explicit sex scenes and everything you can possibility imagine, all in one movie. It didn't actually bother me. In fact, I still feel that <i>Hereditary</i> is a much more disturbing movie.

Still, it was a good movie. I wasn't on the edge of my seat, but I wasn't bored either. It left an impression, but no nightmares. It is a good horror movie. And those are hard to find, so you should give it a watch.              


[Source image](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8772262/mediaviewer/rm3772802304)

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