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Those good old days
**You say you long to the good old days?** 
I wonder why because in most cases, those old days weren't that good at all, not good for most people. Those "old days" of hundreds of years ago I mean. 
We, the people who live today, didn't exist at that time. Our ancestors did though and they might have not even lived where we live today. They might have not even been our ancestors if you believe the soul is ancient and believe in rebirth. If that is the case our forefathers could have been anyone. They could have been wealthy or poor, black, white, Asian or Native American (not that America would have existed if no one travelled the world) and we... we can even be our own ancestors. 
Our own forefathers might have travelled the world or perhaps they never left their hometown but still been satisfied. Satisfied without all those luxury things we have today. All those material we like, want and are willing to fight even kill for. We take loans because we find it a normal thing to do. We live with debts to be noticed, feel a better person, be more accepted. We want to be modern even if our norms and values, our ideas are old fashioned.

>Loans... people, families, organizations willing to give you money under certain conditions exist for hundreds of years and so does slavery and fighting your neighbours. 

**If it comes to it** no one longs to the "good old days". If that would be the case, if we really loved to stick to our own lifestyle our culture, we wouldn't travel, we wouldn't eat pizza, hotdogs, bananas or french fries. We wouldn't listen to the radio, own a car, watch television, use a computer, buy the latest smartphone, wear fancy clothes and visit the hairdresser or a plastic surgeon. These are all inventions that aren't ours. 

Imagine what your life would look like if you had to do it with your culture only, what your country produces. No import, no influences or ideas from abroad, everything foreign is wiped out. If that would be the case most likely many of us would still live in a cave and do not learn or are aware of anything new. There would be no phone, no electricity, no leather shoes, no plastic or lover abroad. Our life would be completely different from what we are so used to today. 

We adopted it all. Pets, cattle, plants, food, medication, children, songs and even religions that don't belong to our civilization. 
These accepted habits make us smoke, drink, drink coffee and tea, read books, join social media, take care of our children in a different way. We use drugs and prefer perfumes, shampoos and washing powder from abroad. Without all this, our life would be like back in the old days which is the last thing we want for us and our children. 


**Lately, I wonder what life will look like if the borders are closed.** 
If we go back to those old days and can only buy what our own country produces. How long would we survive? If it comes to food it wouldn't be such a problem. We won't die for hunger because we have cattle (good for meat, milk and leather) and chickens (more meat and eggs). We have potatoes, sugar can make our glue and paper. We can be potato eaters, drink milk, eat bread with cheese and bacon again or use a part of the land to plant different food. Instead of flowers, we can grow tea, coffee, cocoa and pepper in the greenhouses and... we will go fishing again. We defend our sea and our borders and our pottery " Delfs blauw" will be back alive just like the forgotten stone factories built among the riverside. 
Back in the old days, we wouldn't waste as much food, clothes and furniture. We eat apples, pears, plums and cherries again. No rotten fruits on the trees because no one will pick and eat them. Our main vegetables are beans, cabbage, carrots and we have salt. 
Pizza and pasta are not on the menu both are history. We bake pancakes and "poffertjes" and have waffles. 
Most likely we interact more with each other since we do not watch tv or waste hours on the internet searching for something interesting to kill time with or someone we like. We can play games again, walk our dog or listen to each other while we sit in front of the fire. There will be enough work and 'couch potatoes' no longer exist. We will live a simple life. A life we have to get used to first but it might not be that bad at all. 
Perhaps... if we live that way all the luxury we say we need, we are forced into today turns out to be no longer important. We find a way to do without. It will be a different way of living life. 

Homemade, home-cooked, natural, original, bio... It all existed in the old days, days different from ours, days people had skills and the working class was needed and appreciated and no one needed to pay extra for it. 

I hope in the corner of my new world they still have chocolate.


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You probably have many wonderful things in your life with those good old days Miss Kittywu... It's nice to have tv because I love to watch tv guys, less internet, go to church, drink malt drink or coffee before starting to work, eat hotdogs and fries, listen to mp3, a nice modern life with friends and family guys... Must be nice to apply hopefully soon at a call center near our place guys, meet with wonderful friends there guys. And I like it there because we are given opputunities to be promoted and have higher positions there, it's a life I want guys.  And we have friends there with same interests guys, go to bars after work guys.
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