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My Health, My Heat. (100% Powered up)
Hey guys first off i wanna say its good to post again after a long while.


I remember talking about my health and thanking some persons for showing support little did I know that I'll get worse.

After taking a treatment for over 5days and wasting funds, I realised that instead of getting better I got worse.

I quit my job cause i couldn't continue, it been more than a month and I've been in a very big struggle but does that matter now?

Anyways I've been taking a different kind of medication and it's working.


Though I had struggles with life and was scared and uncomfortable to an extent i had a lot of bad thoughts and then i realized the pain i'll cause if i take those steps.

Instead i draw closer to God and and spent more time with my family, I had suicidal thoughts and at the same time i was scared of dying.

I had no money but i hoped cause i had no one to turn to at this point, people will think I'm using them for fund raising so i sold out some of my stuffs, stayed in Doors till now.

The one thing that was there outside God and my family was my laptop and a movie titled Money Heist, it gave me courage.

Life at that point was useless cause, i'm physically fine from my appearance but was dying inside.


I don't take pictures at my darkest times cause i don't wish to remember them. Sometimes i go blackout without knowing and wake up the next day.

I was weak for more than a week but God did one thing, Gave me a strong reason to live and that's what i'm doing.

You know there is a point where you will wish to just talk to everyone both your enemies and friends, not knowing what will happen next.

I managed to check up on my few friends, acted like i'm fine and listened to music just to be strong.


I'll be opening something new soon but for now i just need to relax and pay up some debts.

Its good to be back again, love you all.
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