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Waow you just made an indepth of a good regular body healthy tips @focusnow. Your methods of keeping the body healthy really can help you avoid being a regular at the hospital. Personally i love sports, i enjoy sports through playing football and considering i have a also had years of training in football sports is implemted into me already. Doing sports is definitely a very healthy habit. I most confuse i didn't like to read much i always rely on other methods of getting knowledge until i got connected to steemit. Ever since i have been able to enculcate the habit of reading and this has helped me greatly in expanding my knowledge all round. Eating fruits is a wonderful too, especially the watermelon i use to farm this myself. You keep such a highly daily routine and i do admire that.

**I will like to challenge you to a 30 days of 25 push ups. We do and submit our entries through a post daily**

Thank you for this great article @focusnow

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