The Diary Game || Celebrating Eid-el-Kabir With My Friends || Telling My Friends About Steemit by tayetaiwo

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The Diary Game || Celebrating Eid-el-Kabir With My Friends || Telling My Friends About Steemit
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I woke up to the heavy sound of the pumping machine used to pump the cow, I checked the time and it was 8:38am, I can't believe am late for the prayer, I hurriedly took my brush my teeth, took my bath and quickly put on my Jalabia and proceed to join my friends at the mosque for the Eid prayer.

The prayer ended at exactly 12:10 pm and the Imam proceed to slaughter the first ram, he said some prayers and lay the ram down and slaughter it. 

![IMG_16269530355972961.jpg](<sub>Imam slaughtering the Ram</sub>

The Ram was latter shared among the other imams and elders, I reached home changed my outfit to another Jalabia and proceed to go to one of my Muslim friend house. They plan to kill a big cow, so he invited me to come and jolly with them.

I took bike and got to his place around 1:22pm, I saw them bluchering the cow and the women are cooking while the little kids were just jumping and playing around the big compound.

![IMG_16269527057309375.jpg](<sub>Bluchering the Cow</sub>

I met my friend outside with some other guys and we all sat down under a canopy, talking about our experience and past Eid-el-Kabir celebration, we talked about many things I then use the medium to discussed Steemit with them, I explained how Steemit works, how they will get paid for sharing contents, I even showed them my wallet and told them how they can earn for posting original content and sharing beautiful photographies. One of them showed interest.

![IMG_16269523510514679.jpg](<sub>Under the Canopy</sub>

But we had issue while trying to sign up, the connection was very poor, I told him to come to my house on weekend and will help him sign up and he agreed to that.

So I decided to stroll around the big compound. I went to where they are cooking and I took some photos.

![IMG_16269539839086626.jpg](<sub>The meats Inside the pot</sub>

![IMG_16259371647535156.jpg](<sub>Semo is ready to be served</sub>

![IMG_16259371764086197.jpg](<sub>Jollof rice is ready to be served</sub>

Around 4pm, the Rice and Meat are all ready to be served, I requested for Jollof rice and fried rice with one big Meat.

![IMG_16269540299523558.jpg](<sub>Jollof rice and Fried Rice</sub>

Later on we danced to some joyful music, around 8pm and I see it was getting late already, so I told my friend that I'm about to go home, I thank his parent for the food, and also prayed for them. The insisted I should wait and take some food home but I declined that am okay and it late already. So my friend escorted me to the bus stop and I took bike to my house.

I got home around 8:36pm and was very tired, so I went to showered and I took some pain relief drug and slept off.

That was how I spent my day, it was really fun and worth remembering. 

Thank you all for reading.

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