Contest: What does SC01 looks like? by jenny018

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Contest: What does SC01 looks like?
Good gloomy afternoon everyone and to all members of this booming community #Steem-Bru. Today I'm gonna partake on the contest made by our fellow steemian @vik24 on a tricky question on who is #SC01 looks like? 

Let's start this, in my 3 years of being a member here in #steemit most of the time I have been inactive long enough that when I came back just a month ago I was a bit shock and surprise on the many changes that has been happening in the platform. I may say that in a positive way, because today you are thought to be a real content writer and you must know the do's and dont's of the platform in writing your content and for you to be able to be labeled as a true writer and not just a **"just writer."**

But long before I came back I have heard so much about #SC01 in my neices who are also an active member @rotchel, @roselyn028 and @belle-kiss31 that she has helped a lot of community members and she made upvote's generously. Just a mere thought of having them said that made me realized to come back for I was a bit curious on who are those person at the back of those **usernames** who do an upvote without anything in return just a write up on your blog and you'll be rewarded something big for your hardwork.

As they say "curiosity killed the cat" well it's just a matter of knowing about what's beyond the famous curator, we don't want to do that can probably lead us to misfortune or danger in a matter of fact we wanted to know the real #SC01 if she's a woman or a man? Why she helps a lot of steemians and communities and how do she managed her time for there are so many communities but she's able to visit every community that is part of #steemit.

## WHO IS #SC01?

I think #SC01 is a coffee lover like me and she often drinks coffee when she's on a work mode and since she lives somewhere cold like South or North America so coffee is her main source to keep alive and active the entire day she does her work. (Hahahaha so funny I just made my own character for #SC01 I hope when she reads these she'll just laugh out loud.)


#SC01 makes your morning great especially when you see that your post has been upvoted by her is like a dream come true, it's an energy booster that will keep you alert once you'll see that your blog has been notice by her. Just yesterday I have been upvoted by #SC01 and it's like a dream coming to an end for at last long I was notice and good thing in the #SteemWomen community she notices my post for it's a women's community so that makes me think more that she is a girl.

Another thing is #SC01 cares a lot especially to those people in need particularly with steemian's relatives who has health problems or to those member who has a problem as well. She also does grateful remarks for it's as if she really feels what someone truly feels and it's like a girly thing to do and cares a lot.(
She's an avid supporter of #SteemFoods Community too wherein in my own conclusion she's a good cook or a good chef also and she has great love in cooking that's why she can relate to steemians who made efforts in making and posting the content of their cooked food with so much details on it.

I often see her supporting a lot of #Steem-Bru members wherein infact she's also like us a normal person who loves animals and love to do planting. I guess she's a **"plantita"** herself like me. 😁😁😁 And she also has pets in the house wherein she can relate to, on how we do take care of our pets and how we treated them as family. If my instinct is right, I guess she is married with 2 children a boy and a girl and she is a kind loving mom wherein she makes use of her time in bonding with her little kiddos and that's her way to support #Steem-Bru's kids of the world contest where I saw most of them are upvoted by her.

Above anything else #SC01 maybe a woman or man or else a couple itself because one person cannot do all those things that #SC01 has done for all of us, doesn't matter at all if she's a she or a he what matters most is that she/he has helped a lot of steemians maybe financially and mentally the thing is,  we should make used of the great things that our curators has vested in us and do it in a good way wherein everybody can benefit.
Before I forgot my prediction for #SC01's age frame is between 25-35 for she's like everyone else in her time frame very alert and active in the platform.

I would like to invite my friends @hae-ra, @fruityapple00, @belle-kiss31 to make their entries before it will end.

Good day and God bless everyone!

lala @jenny018
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