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The history of music artists: The case of Joni Mitchell! by digi-me

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The history of music artists: The case of Joni Mitchell!
<center>![Joni_mitchell_1974.jpg](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmXvBbS7fZnxrGPqPMS3u8VLFgTP8cPeyWXzeSc6PMqjYD/Joni_mitchell_1974.jpg)</center><a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Joni_mitchell_1974.jpg">source</a>

You should always know your family and your friends. And any network can be expanded if you like, and we should try to get as many humans as possible on earth. All all humans on the earth have the same value, they have human rights and freedom. And you and me can do what we like!

Joni Mitchell is a clever and positive-orientated musician, and she has really her descent from Norway, Scotland and Ireland. That is amazing, and she is working and living in Canada today. And we should all travel to experience and look on the world around us. And you and I are caught in the middle, but the future is not always the same as past and present. So, we should do known and unknown things from day to day. Nobody can define the life as it should be, because it is to much depth, variants, drama, history and philosophy about it! We need to think and be constructive, and every new day is a day where we are forming the structure and the content coming to minds!

Joni Mitchell is a sweet and knowledgable woman in music. And she knows the audiences are completely filled with requirements and pleasure about what is going on the stages and beyond the stages. It is exciting to have family from Norway, Scotland and Ireland, and everyone of us should visit these countries, and having the best stomach feeling we can get. All things are in our stomachs, heart and brain! Scotland has a nice history, and the traditions and the philosophy of that country is something we should always bring with us, either being in normal life, or deep in the forests, as professor Steve Lawton tells us from USA and Oregon! Steve is an excellent professor, and he is maybe one of the best you can find in strategy, strategy processes and strategy history!

Joni Mitchell is born in Canda. And she is a Canadian musician, composer and artist. You cannot do all things through all history with billions of books in the world, but you should focus on things, and making the choices that you like! Joni Mitchell is born on 7 November 1943 in Fort MacLeod in Canada. And hence, she is 76 years old today! She has experienced a lot of things in her life, and you cannot always make a solution of life, because it is structures and content, and it is also unstructured things. And things can be structured and unstructured in all the combinations that you find in sciences and it the play of doing them and using them!

You find Joni Mitchell as a known musician in the whole world, and maybe Canada is the country all of the best people in the world should make studies within. Joni Mitchell is quite liberal, and you find some of her music of the music channels as YouTube, Spotify and YouTube Music. Anything goes in life, and you should follow the human nature and the nature, but you should always think and making the music in new and in innovative ways. Many people around the world, can play some music pieces, and Joni Mitchell is using several instruments like for instance her vocal, the guitar, the piano and the appalachian dulcimer! Joni Mitchell has been married twice, and she has one child from these relations, and that is Kelly Dale Anderson! You cannot plan everything to all times in life, but you should be constructive and finding the good solutions. And we should have competences of every kinds to do the most complex issues. Life is not just easy. Competence and thinking are doing something with you, you are tranforming your abilities. And that is the philosophy of education and higher experiences at all schools in the world.

Joni Mitchell is known for several songs, especially: «Both Sides, Now», «Big Yellow Taxi» and «Help Me». We should always operate as the life should be understood in the books, and you can read any country and any experiences for finding that. As music videos on the internet, you find much pleasure and nice music pieces from Joni Mitchell, for instance: «Both Sides, Now», «A Case of You» and «California». You should not be afraid from calling professor Michael E. Porter from Harvard, but we should always do the strategies, the market philosophy and the actions as the business schools are telling us. And going to the best business schools is the best choice you can make. And you are changing, and getting new things in your head. Education at all levels should shape us inward and outward, otherwise there is no point with the schools. The best thing is to be the best, and forming all organizations and all environments as you appreciate.

Joni Mitchell has more important and good relations in the world, also with famous people that you find in the media in human nature. And she has also produced many music albums, and it is always important to be associative and rich in memory and in understanding than being too easy. The known albums from Joni Mitchell are: «Blue», «Clouds», «Hejira», «Ladies of the Canyon» and «Court and Spark». We can write music of everything we find within ourselves, and being outside in nature, but we should always do the right things, and getting customers with much talking! And try to be friends with everyone on your way in life, and treat them with love as your brothers and sisters. Always!

<p>And again some music as it was asked to be included! :)</p>
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