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The Corona Diaries - COVID19 Croatia by eewa

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The Corona Diaries - COVID19 Croatia
**I want to start this post in a more serious tone to show you what huge impact this pandemic has on my country in only a few weeks. I had also learned, due to an earthquake that hit Zagreb my hometown that only a few seconds are enough to change our lives forever. 
We have to make every second count and do our best to be happy and live our lives to the fullest. In the spirit of happines and positivity we all lack right now in the second part of my post I will also try to paint you a picture of how I spend my days in complete isolation and how I am trying to take the best out of this terrible situation we all found our selves in.**


**Our Government Officials**


Our Officials are strongly advising the whole population to restrict themselves from socializing. Public gatherings are strictly prohibited and so is the prolonged staying at the same place.

Border police restricted the entrance to the regions of the country and it's forbidding the people from leaving their towns. Government is writing big fines for those who are not following the orders.

Also, government is thinking about tapping the phones of those in isolation to enforce quarantine! I think only we can decide whether or not we will expose ourselves unnecessarily to the public places. 

So, for now, we in Croatia are trying to stay home as more as possible, work from home and keep in mind that we are maybe saving someones life this way.

**New Hazard**

Also, we had destructive earthquake (magnitude of 5.4 on Richter scale) with an epicenter our capital, Zagreb at 6:30 AM. It was the biggest earthquake in Zagreb in the last 140 years.

It overshadowed Corona for one day,  people lost their homes, so, it's hard times for many people.

Power lines have collapsed, cars have been buried, several fires occurred and some streets were blocked off due to debrae from damaged buildings.


*Source:* https://www.aljazeera.com

Fortunately, the church was empty because of the quarantine, if it hadn't, it would have been a service at that time and a lot of people would have been killed or injured.


*Source:* https://www.aljazeera.com

People on the streets on Zagreb during quarantine.


*Source:* https://www.vecernji.hr

New mothers were evacuated from a maternity ward in Zagreb following the earthquake.



### ...meanwhile in Lika, guarded by the strong mountain Velebit lays my safeground.

*Front view of our stonehouse on sunny day* 🌞

*Front view of our stonehouse on snowy day* ❄️

Even though isolation and restricted movement are frustrating in many ways, it somehow turned out to be the best thing that happened to me in a long time and although the circumstances are not great and the whole world is in panic and distress I can't help myself feeling more freer and in peace than ever before surrounded with pure nature's beauty and wilderness.

*Working from home was never easier*

Since we are both working from home, according to our company's directive, my girlfriend Mia and I wanted to get away from the capital and all the dangers that he hides under it's old cracked walls so we made the decision to go to her beautiful stonehouse, deep in Lika's picturesque county. 

*Coffee & work*

Now I see it was the best decision we could have made at that point 'cause we got out of there just before things got really hectic and the pandemic was starting to show it's real face and strenght. The one "thing" we had to make sure to bring with us and can't do without is our beagle Bella. Hope you like dogs 'cause you will see a lot of her in my photos, almost nothing can get past her, not even the first snowflakes 🐶

*It's ways fun with her*

We were here only for a few days when complete quarantine occured and things got really serious. The earthquake on an early Sunday morning for sure didn't make things any easier for people back home.

We shortly came to terms with the fact that right now only thing we can do is to say safe and lay low for a while and there isn't a better place on earth right now to be in. **Let me show you what I mean.**

Let me not kid you, we are alone in the middle of nowhere and we have to do all things taken for granted just a few days ago all by ourselves, but the feeling is irreplacable and we live like kings right now, or rather quarantine ninja queens 😎

*We felt like apocalyptic warriors , but we were just going to buy some groceries*

At nightfall we warm up at the fireplace or just enjoy the view of the playfull flames with the bottle of Rosé.


*This beautiful fireplace keeps us warm these days*

Just around the stonehouse we have a beautiful place for *peka* or baking lid in English, where we try out different indigenous specialities of Lika, such as- lamb meat, the most delicious potatoes known in this region, veal and many other. Every morning we treat ourselves with homemade eggs on domestic fat delivered to us still warm, straight under the safe wing of a hen. Only the sky is the limit!

*This is where magic happens*


*peka or baking lid*






Full fridge is a must - always! After all, the best organization comes from ourselves and only we can decide whether or not we will expose ourselves unnecessarily to the public places - we buy food once a week and we make it count.

*Wonderful dinners every day*



**New Hobbies are born!**


In between all the hard work we also play hard and believe me it's a competition! 
Here we can enjoy playing badminton and volleyball over a real net that we have in the back of the stonehouse, we also have a Dalmatian bowling area and a big blue table for playing table tennis (I don't remember the last time I was involved in so much sport)! 

*Table tennis on sunny day*

*Dalmatian bowling*

*Dalmatian bowling score chart*

Near by, just a short walk through the woods there's a river called Ričica where we go fishing and occasionally stroll down the rivers cold back with an old kayak someone had left laying on the river bank.                              

*Bela is having a great time at the river*

Yesterday came the bad weather so all the outside activities were off the table, but with it also came my creativity.  I've started a new hoby I was planning to start for years, but always something came in between us. I know, it's not much of an excuse but nothing can come between us now! I started carving wood, the old tree stump I found laying around to be more precise.

*My first try in woodcarving*

After I was finished with carving I've noticed that the sun had already poured his sun rays throughout the clouds and was slowly making his way to be the shiniest star on the sky again. Three hours and all that bad weather passed in an instant…

*Greetings from Bella & me*


If you are in lack of ideas in this time of crisis follow me and my adventures and I am sure you won't be bored!😊 This is all from me in this post. Stay safe, stay at home and don't forget to stay creative! 💛

Feel free to leave your comments!

You can also follow me on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/iva.fak
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