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First case of coronavirus confirmed in our region , doubling up is the best way to stay safe by ferrate

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· @ferrate ·
First case of coronavirus confirmed in our region , doubling up is the best way to stay safe
Ooo I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked today and saw that it was Friday already. So so soon we are in another Friday. How I wished you could have seen how my eyes popped out as I watch the day on my phone. I remember the very question that was going on in my head was, ‘Was it not just last week that we had the May day celebrations?


In fact this Friday to me seems to have skipped some days just to take the fame…..lol
Well on the other hand I think it’s because I have been busy so much that I do not check-up time and days that regularly this week. Anytime I sit up, each second is busy that I do not get the time to watch my clock and day. Normally, I happen to only know the day we are in during the mornings so the rest of the day is just me then work, post, discord and a little whatsapp chat.

Enough of the dream land , now is the reality whether I like it or not, today is Friday and I have to accept it. So as usual I will take you on a long ride on what I found out to be the thing(s) to talk about from the previous day thus day 18 after we have been out of lockdown.

<center>Ghana health service</center>

After drafting my first post from yesterday and set off to the office, I got there only to hear that there have been a new case discovered among the four regions, who had not seen the light of a cases among the people around. The presenter though wasn’t in the state of going straight to the point but said if an listener wanted to know he/she should not miss the 6am news. 

For a poor soul who was eager to know the region and how they recorded a case, I seat down listening with great attention not to miss out on the recent development of covid-19 in my country, Ghana. In no time 6am was up and the news team had it going with all they had with them. In no time they got to the reason why I was still listening to them and I got to know that, we have 372 new cases of covid-19. And in this 372 new cases the Bono region of Ghana, who had no record of a case has some now.

<center>Ghana health service</center>

So currently, our total cases of confirmed cases are 3091 with no addition to the previous number of deaths in the country through covid-19, so we still stand at 18 deaths, and 303 recoveries in total. After the news, all what I heard around was how come? The efforts we are have tried all these while to prevent the virus from getting into our region now seems to be in vein.

The good news is this that the case was not recorded in the regional capital town which is Sunyani, but far away from us to the Jaman North district which is close to the boarder of one of the French speaking country in Africa. So now it is clear that the migration officers together with some citizens around have been harboring people outside Ghana through bribes.

Now they have made it possible for them to record their first case and I know for sure that there are many others coming that way soon. Let's just see how thing go then in the days ahead but for now we just have to double up with our safety measures as we move out each day, for though it's far but not too far from us. 

May God help us
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