Winding Down The Time With Family For The Last Trip by havok777

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Winding Down The Time With Family For The Last Trip

It's been a time! We all lifted each others spirits some! Now my Brother and Mom are heading back tomorrow. Takes a 3 hour drive one way to get Bro back. Then we have some obligations to our Aunt to try and cheer her up, a couple chores to help out with. So won't be back until the day after tomorrow.

Was able to upload a bit to get some of my music distributed. It's been a pain though. Taking real long time to upload songs, then if there is any disconnection I have to start all over again. It's very time consuming and can be annoying. The internet here always cuts out a little bit. So it's only by apparent miracle that something that takes awhile to upload actually does.

I'll have to take the computer to the Aunts house to see if their speed is better. Heard she has that god awful 5G. I say why!? No! O-Net is better. They have it in the next small town, was invented there. It's fiber optic internet. Better than 5G! I went to the O-Net hotspot by the coffee shop to upload a video that would normally take an hour and a half to upload, there it took about 15 minutes. So yea, I shouldn't get frustrated. I will be able to do more once I'm done with this last bit of family stuff.

Yea it's been good getting together with fam, calming me down, helping me get back to myself. The sun I helping allot too! Now I got to try to be more social somewhat somehow within reason. Being cooped up loops me out somewhat, though I'm used to being isolated. Reminds me of how isolated I've felt, pisses me off, want to connect in ways that are more right in the times we get back to socializing more and more.

My music will be on some stores already and Spotify soon. It's the Synthesis Underground electronic instrumental music I like to make. Hopefully that uploading goes easier for me soon

Here is some links to see what I have out there so far.

This is a link that will have the music available once it's processed

Yea it's on Apple Music too!

It's on others already as well. Will have to make a page with button links once all the music is out there in the stores/streaming services.

Well tired now. Wanted to make a post of recollection before this little trip. Will try to do something a little creative along the way. Looking forward to coming back to get back to the garden and more guitar.
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Need to wait some time. Enjoy some time with music, thank you
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