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Travelgirl's Day 12 of Semi Lockdown in Sydney - Mum’s Special Delivery Pack ~ by travelgirl

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Travelgirl's Day 12 of Semi Lockdown in Sydney - Mum’s Special Delivery Pack ~
Hi Everyone,

I haven’t seen my parents for at least 3 weeks which makes it hard as we used to see them at least once a week. Mum and dad are over 60 so they are considered a risky group of catching COVID19 easily. As Asians, they do prefer to have some Asian grocery and food compared to what they can normally get from mainstream supermarkets. Today, one of my siblings dropped by my parent's place to give them some stuff that they couldn’t get in their area and in return, he also needs to drop off some stuff over to my place. This also included a pack my mum put together for me as I couldn’t get some Asian supplies in my area. I didn’t even get to see him, he just left it by our door and messaged me when he left. 


We started the day with a ham and butter toast so I can try my new sandwich press. Gosh for $19, it was well worth it. Now we can make more exciting breakfasts! Then we started with some painting and work from school. It’s Friday so we thought we give the kids less work as it has been a long week. Unfortunately for Baby M, that only lasted for 20 minutes as he was already “bored” in his words. 



![IMG_4139 2.JPG](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/travelgirl/fsazPNRG-IMG_4139202.JPG)

Then I received a special pack outside my door just after lunch. Mum organised 3 bags of things for us from cleaning products, Asian grocery and toys for the grandkids. Honestly, I have to say even though Mum can nag and nag, she knows how to look after us so well. I was super happy to get the prawn noodles no the left as I cannot find this particular brand in my area and that is the only one my kids eat …. the other brands they just complain about it. Of course, the Chinese sausage was also a highlight of this pack. We can just pop 2 in the rice cooker and let it cook there …. yummmmm. Lastly, we got a few packs of different Shin Ramen. I never tried the light version so will look forward to cooking one this weekend. Hope you are all safe and enjoy the weekend!

![IMG_7894 1.JPG](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/travelgirl/xioJt9uy-IMG_7894201.JPG)


![IMG_3165 1.JPG](https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/travelgirl/sU2AdV69-IMG_3165201.JPG)

<center>![happywalk02.gif](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmTA83J2vJLoed895woPKqy2P1Vmyk5r6q5iyE15nyb8H2/happywalk02.gif) </center>

<center><h6>animation by @catwomanteresa </center></h6>

<center>![Travelgirl pic.jpeg](https://steemitimages.com/DQme8FfZKYEumcDM5EzLW5jiiiFBqrvE2W1G81kSzzCQkH3/Travelgirl%20pic.jpeg)</center>


Thanks for reading. If you like my post, please follow, comment and upvote me. There will be more exciting posts & destinations to come.

All photos & videos are taken by me & co in all my blogs/stories unless quoted.
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