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The true seed of all problems

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The human being has gone through an infinity of problems, which have made him stronger and bolder through time, but what has really been the subject of debate, is the origin of different types of conflict, since many of these problems sometimes start from small things, to become something giant, but the root of all evil has always been known and it is Money, that small group of numbers or a simple printed paper, that causes so much damage and what really calls the attention, is that the whole society has always pursued the power through the money, doing that every time it is looked with greater desire, to be possessor of an immensely great sum, without looking at the consequences that this can bring.

Life is too short, but it will never be as short as when we spend our time tirelessly seeking to fill our coffers with lots of money, without knowing that this will always bring us the worst misfortune to our lives; at times it has been believed that the root of evil begins with the creation of man, but what really caused the discord worldwide, has been the desire to have a lot of money. The currency was born to cover a small need that existed in humanity, but that from there the feeling of living for money, is already something that is described as greed, it is true that everything that surrounds us at a material level, we get it thanks to money, but not everything in this life revolves around it.


Our gaze should always be on everything that deserves our attention, on the feelings that make us better every day, on those ways to improve our existence, all that is what will really bring us closer to perfection and allow us to see life with new eyes. Our destiny will always be in the way we have to do things and seek to eradicate from our life this small seed of discord.

As humans we will always be better than the rest of the species and it is because of our ability to reason, then we can not get carried away by little things, but always seek to maintain an excellent presence and make everything around us go in a better way, leaving aside any desire to get money in large quantities and more knowing that this will always bring us problems, let us seek a balance and focus on those things that keep us alive.  </div>
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Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experience.
Life it's just like a camera lens, focus only on what's important and you will capture a perfect.
What I just have to say is that, don't let life change your goals, because achieving your goal is the only thing that can change your  life.
Thanks for sharing.
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