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Learning How To Learn
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It may sound really funny, but most people don't even know how to learn something. So the first thing in learning, is learning how to learn. That way, you'll be able to do what you want to do better and faster. And get better results; because you're doing it the right way. There's a process to learning, and you have to follow it in order to get the results you seek.

First thing first, if you want to learn any skill at all, you have to first do a little study about it, or get someone to teach you the basics. This is always the beginning process, and it's from here that your personal learning ability takes over. There are four steps I'll be sharing with you on how to learn faster from that point.

The first step is acting. Whenever you've gotten that beginners information, that is, you've been told the basics; you have to start doing that thing. Let's take for example you want to learn how to ride a bicycle, after you've been told the fundamentals, you have to start trying by yourself, you have to act on the basic information you've gotten so far.

Naturally, since you're just starting you'll be making plenty of mistakes. Hence, the second step to learning is identifying for your mistakes and analysing it. Most people, don't sit back and just think about the mistakes they've made in learning something or in life in general. There's always a lesson in every mistake. So you should do well to analyze your mistakes.

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The third step is looking for how you can get better at that thing. Now you've recognized your mistakes, you've analyzed it, and you don't want to repeat it. At this stage you may have to get advanced teaching on that skill, from someone who is very good at it; that's actually the fastest way in my opinion. Or you can continue working on it by yourself and trying not to repeat your mistakes.

And the fourth step, is to do it all over again. You return back to step one, which is to take action, then if you make new mistakes, you analyze the mistakes again, and you find better ways to make sure you don't repeat the same mistakes. And you do it all over again, until you become good at it, such that you make very few or better still no mistakes at all.

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