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Scared of Starting Small?
Hi everyone I bring you greetings from this other end.

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Today I just want to share a few thoughts with us about business startup and what motivated this article is a conversation I had with my brother some days back. 

I went visiting to my mum some days back and decided to spend the night there too being that it's been a long time I haven't seen mum. The visit went well and the following morning, mum had already breezed out of home to fix up some stuffs.

My Mum
My mum is one woman that is always on the matter. She can work herself till she's so worn out but still she will be up before anyone else in the house and you wouldn't be wrong to call my mum a worker horlick.

My mother is a 53 year old lady that lives in her little country home and has more than five people in the family to look after and all my life I have grown to see mum always working without being tired. She's very timely and very calculating and she knows how to make the right moves to reach her targets.

My mum is not really a wealthy woman but she's been able to train about a couple of us through institutions of higher learning. This post is actually motivated by a conversation I had with my brother yesterday on my visit to mum.

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There is this saying that is very predominant in my place and it goes this **"child are raised to take care of the parent"** meaning that at some point in life, the parents should relax from all their labour and sit back enjoy their investment in the lives of their children.

It makes much sense when children grow up and finds a fitting in philosophy, it brings joy to the parent. So just to see how to support mum in her responsibilities, my brother decided to begin a business, now the business he is going into is a little business that will be done by the road side with a kiosk so he went fix up a kiosk and kept it at home so when I got home he said I should get him some cash to stock up his kiosk cause he doesn't want to start small. You know that statement had really been on me for the past night. I have pondered on it over and over again trying to find a proper blend for it but it just couldn't settle in my mind.

Starting Small
I have learnt over the years that true success will always come in bits and no matter how much you invest into a business as a starter, you may never profit in the business beyond the level of your experience.

I do not dispute the fact that it is most noble to begin big okay but most times, we become too emotional with beginning new businesses. Now if I want to take things personal, I can deduce five key things that has the capacity to kill business dreams from that phrase he made **"I don't want to start small"**.

Okay now let's look at it together and see the implications.

- I don't want to let people know I don't have enough capital to start so I just wait. So most times we feel we always have to proof a point to people. Many big enterprises and firms began with actually nothing.

- I have enough time so if I don't start today, tomorrow could be a better day to shut my shot but funny enough he failed to understand that his tomorrow starts today. ***There can never be a better tomorrow if you don't create it in your today.***

- I am not really desirous of success. Many people still don't know that they are killing their chances for success everytime they procrastinate over what should have been done today.

- I don't have an investment culture and am not ready to develop any. Personally I feel that as an entrepreneur who wants to start a new business should be discreet enough to know how to duly apportion his income. It is also a foolish decision to dump all you have into a business because there may be hazards on the way.

- I am not futuristic in my planning. I guess my brother never took time to ask himself questions like what if the price of things bulls tomorrow that I can no longer get the quantity I could get yesterday today?

Offcourse there are still many more things to day about this attitude because it has crippled a lot of businesses that should have been on their way to stardom one because of excuse of I don't want to start small.

Starting Small isn't a crime but ending small is. When people have fear to start up no matter how small it is, it's a sure proof that they are not ready for advancement. 

Even when starting a new business entirely would be lonely, it is worth while doing so. Beauty doesn't appear to people at the early stage of a man's endeavor so we must all learn to feel rejected if we must be celebrated at the end.

People feel that the only reason they go into a business is to get rich and when they don't get rich as soon as they step into a business, they feel frustrated. But I just like to let us know that we will be poor for a while because success doesn't come immediately. Unless you have a trust fund like a cryptocurrency investment, a huge savings account, or a wealthy partner, chances are high that you’ll be scraping by for a while. 

This seasonal poverty will help you In the long run to make savvy financial decisions. 

Meanwhile stop making entrepreneur who has already achieved a feet in the market space your focus because they just didn't fly there. Sometimes they too cried and even went hungry just as you.
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