Trip to Azenha Couce - Suspended Bridge | Portugal by aleister

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Trip to Azenha Couce - Suspended Bridge | Portugal

The weekend arrives and with it, another way out to walk some well-known paths, which have not been covered for many years.
We arrived at the real open country, that once served as a meeting point for the most diverse adventures and there we parked the car to start the walk right down.






Still there, close to the houses and next to the train line, the first memories began to emerge, such as that of a summer afternoon when i traveled a few kilometers through that same line towards a garage party organized during the week during class time.
I do not remember for sure who was there or even who accompanied me on this trip, but remember that i missed classes to be able to be present at this party.






But today the path would not be by the train line, but in front towards a well known place here in Couce, where the river banks begin to move apart, allowing the river to gain new dimensions and depths, and it was in this same place that i remember having spent many summer afternoons cruising both banks of the river, in an inflatable boat, lying with my feet out, immersed in the cold waters of the Ferreira river.
In the distance, it is possible to see something that has always marked this landscape for many years, the huge blackboard walls that delimit the entire area of ​​the Valongo blackboard factory where the same blackboard is extracted.






I don't remember for sure, but i could almost guarantee that in those past years there was no bridge in this same place, and to walk the other bank of the river, it would have been necessary to enter through other access points.
The bridge allowed a peaceful crossing to the other bank where it was possible to make some records of the immense frogs that are allowed to sunbathe on the rocks with their heads out of the water, and raising their heads and pointing the lens towards the stream. water, in the distance the famous " Fraga do Castelo", where the river breaks and winds through successive rapids until it calms down.




There, on that huge ledge, many climbing lovers take the opportunity to put their skills into practice and even train some passages.
From here, we went to some trails higher up, but I'll leave that trail for a next post.
I can guarantee that it was a very well spent afternoon.


That´s all for today :)

##### See you soon
Thank you for watching :)

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