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No one knows what the next second of his life holds for him/her by ferrate

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· @ferrate ·
No one knows what the next second of his life holds for him/her
It’s Thursday already and we are here again to walk through another faithful day, as we step out there we never know what is in store for us. It could be something good and same way it could be somrthing bad, The person you heard that lost all his property did not know that such misfortune was coming his/her way and would have at least prepared for it. But just at a twinkling of an eye all went to null.


This was the same thing that happened to a soul out there who never knew how worst the day was for him until he woke up to see that he had one of his legs chopped off. To him all he remembers was waking up to good day and after he was done with all that he had to, headed out to visit his job as usual. Then all of the sudden he met his misfortune just by the driver who was on alcohol. Just because of the carelessness of a driver a strong and energetic man. His life is just on the stand still.

Same way a beautiful lady out there, who loved a man with all her heart, all her mind, and all of her to make sure that they would be a good family. This beautiful woman was the very one who brought him aboard, fed him and paid everything in the house. One day right from work she wanted to surprise his man at home, but when she got there, she met his guy with a different l day on their bed. 


Just from the scene she never turned back to normal again, the shocks were really great. Now as I write this she is still at the mental health department receiving treatment. All she those is whenever she sees any man she just move straight ahead to hug the person. Watching a good and lovely lady go through all that, I could feel her pain and painkillers.

Just yesterday, I was seated in a cab with this man who had bandages around his hands, at first I had this thought of not minding anything he says after he was to me arrogant. As we started our journey back home, he had some chit-chat with the driver who helped out by listening to whatever the woman disguised.


His story seemed to be a similar one to the very first man I talked about in this blog. But to him he was lucky not to loose any part of his body, yet the pains from his arms wasn't easy for him. He got hit by the side of a cab who was over taking another. 

So you see whatever the next second of our lives could be is never known so let's always let love and goodness lead us in all we do.

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@manzon ·
That's a good reminder to all of us, we need to be careful to what we have, be a good steward what God has entrusted us. Because we didn't know what will happen tomorrow. As the Bible says in Matthew 25:13 "Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour. A Blessed day to you...
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