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The path only few knows by ferrate

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· @ferrate ·
The path only few knows
Today is Saturday, and I don’t know whether to call it as a good or bad day already, because yesterday seemed be on a turbo speed. The day went faster as I thought and it seemed not to be moving at all when it was around 7pm -10pm. The time really seemed like it was stagnant and was no moving at all. It was faster 10pm that I realized that the day wasn’t moving like I thought because of two important theories I propended.


The first of it was I saw the day as not moving because of the rain which spoilt my network issues not to be online like I wanted to. The rain brought great winds which messed it all up to key in something on all my messaging app. It was then that I saw that the day really went faster during my morning and afternoon because I was busy with how I could rise 500$ to settle some debts around. My steem and hive liquids are still too small to get all payments to this dude am on a time line of paying off everything within two to three weeks from now.

At this point it was no odd that the internet got me to not even see or sense time around me as it moved in a pace manner. Well let’s hope for the better and I tossing around to make half of the fund done by the end of this week or early next week. Price might spike and do wonders around and it can go lower than now for me to even lose some great value, but am positive all will work out.


Enough of the private life and life still goes on no matter whatever comes around. So for this day I will just do a little about some fun moments within yesterday. The topic(s) might be even broader to even write plenty of articles around each, but I will just touch the surfaces of them and might one of these days write a full article about it.

All the fun throughout the day started when one of the guys around asked how ladies behave in general, he further went on to say he doesn’t understand why a cab that a man would never board to go on a ride just because the person stay around in his area, would be board by a lady with no second thought.

I just laughed as I digested all what this guy said and with a smile said, yea it is never truth that one cannot really understand a lady. The theory around ladies are all the same, and until you view the perspective of life around that angle you can never understand a lady. This perspective is the key to every lady’s way of life to better understand them with some choices they make.


The main differences that most men do not see around women is that while men does things with their brains, ladies on the other hand does things with their feelings. In every situation a lady enters she just does what she does according to what her feeling tells her to do.

So like I said from the early stages this will just be a surface of it and I would tackle all that you need to know one of these days.

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