Invitation for Join Asia-Pacific Messengers Of Peace Conference ! [MoP Heroes Project Scout Community] by ponpase

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Invitation for Join Asia-Pacific Messengers Of Peace Conference ! [MoP Heroes Project Scout Community]
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Hello Scout communities around the world, especially for you Scouts in the Asia-Pacific region. We want to provide very interesting information for all of us here because we will be announcing the asai-pacific activities that will take place this month. This event is only for Scouts in the Asia-Pacific region, including mainland South Asia Siberia and East Central Asia and most of the Pacific basin region.

For information, Asia-Pacific scouting is based in Makati City, Philippines with satellite offices in Japan and Australia. Asia-Pacific Scouting has grown so rapidly and witnessed the birth of national scouting since 1956. Asia-Pacific Scouting is made up of more than 27 member countries with around 30 million more scouting members.

Every member of the scouting is a Messengers Of Peace. Messengers Of Peace has a global network that can connect scouting members around the world. This global network is driven by volunteers who are involved in various peace projects and social activities.

We go back in 1922 to the story of Lieutenant General Robert Baden Powell who fought for peace. His struggles on the battlefield led him to write Aids to Scouting and Scouting for Boys. From his story, it is clear that scout education is one of the educations that has an impact or cause of a positive movement.

Messengers of peace basically contribute to creating the promotion of peace and building a culture of dialogue of mutual understanding which is fully initiated by scouting members. This global network also builds the understanding of social entrepreneurs to get involved in humanitarian and social projects. Messengers Of Peace is also engaged in doing community service and supporting the development of young people affected by the tragedy of the conflict that occurred in their area.

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In addition, the global network of Messengers Of Peace is also very active in raising funds and helping peace projects and social activities for poor countries in the world. In this post, we would like to announce that the Messengers Of Peace network for the Asia-Pacific Region will hold a conference that will take place on June 24-27, 2021. We invite all scouting members in the Asia-Pacific region to join this extraordinary event.

This event will take place virtually through the ZOOM application and will take place livestream on Facebook and Youtube. This conference aims to discuss various problems and achievements that have been carried out by NSO from each of the MOP delegates. The points that will be discussed at this conference include:

- Identification of MoP achievements in a decade (2011-2021)
- Identify and submit proposals for NSO/WSB actions to further promote MoP
- Explain the impact of the MoP program in different countries
- Plan for the next decade
- Describe the good practices established at NSO on the MoP program program

# Date and Time

24 – 27 June 2021 / 1500-1800 (GMT+8)

# Mode

Zoom App and Livestream on Facebook and YouTube

# Participants

With great humility, we must limit the number of participants for each MOP representative. The minimum available quota is only for 15 people from each NSO representative. This rule applies to all NSOs that are members of the MOP global network. Participants included in this criteria are:
- NSO MoP Coordinator
- Local MoP Coordinator
- Global and Local MoP Heroes
- As well as the main leader of NSO

# Registration
Registration for this conference will be held online from 15 May 2021 to 15 June 2021. For those of you who want to join this conference, you can register directly via Participants who are declared to have passed and are entitled to attend the conference will be contacted directly via the registered email. Participants who did not get a slot through the ZOOM application can watch the event via Live Facebook or Youtube.

# Event Schedule

#### Day - 1 | 24 June 2021 | Thursday | Time: 1500 –1800hrs GMT+8
|1430 – 1435hrs| Joining Zoom|
|1435 -1445hrs |Information/Announcement|
|1445 – 1450hrs |Inspirational Reflection|
|1450 - 1520hrs (30 mins)|Opening Ceremony|
|1520 – 1530hrs (10 mins) |Video Presentation ( A decade of MOP)|
|1530 - 1630hrs (60 mins)|Overall Report from Global and Regional MOP in the last 10 years|
|1630 - 1730hrs (60 mins)|Reports from MOP NSO Coordinators|
|1730 – 1735hrs (5 mins)|Tea Break|
|1735 – 1755hrs (20 mins)|MOP Heroes - Presentation|
|1755 – 1800hrs (5 mins)|Wrapping Up of the session|

#### Day -2 | 25 June 2021 | Friday | Time: 1500 – 1800hrs GMT+8

|1430 – 1445hrs |Joining Zoom|
|1445 -1455hrs |Information/Announcement|
|1455 -1500hrs| Inspirational Reflection|
|1500 – 1600hrs (60 mins)|Reports from MOP NSO Coordinators|
|1600-1615hrs (15 Min)|Briefing on BOG and shifting to the groups|
|1615 – 1715hrs (60mins) |Breakout Groups (Learning Opportunity)|
|-|- SDG Hub|
|-|- Impact of MoP: Impact Analysis|
|-|- Monitoring and Evaluation|
|-|- Donation platform|
|-|- Use of Social Media in Promotion of MoP Program|
|-|- Project Management|
|1715 – 1720hrs (5 mins) |Tea Break|
|1720 – 1740hrs (20 mins) | MOP Heroes Project Video Presentation|
|1740 – 1750hrs (10 mins)| MOP Coffee Table Book Promotion|
|1750 – 1800hrs (10 mins) |Wrapping Up of the session and Reminders|

#### Day 3 | 26 June 2021 | Saturday | Time: 1500 – 1800hrs GMT+8

|1430 – 1445hrs |Joining Zoom|
|1445 -1455hrs| Information/Announcement|
|1455 -1500hrs| Inspirational Reflection|
|1500 - 1515hrs (15 mins)|Quiz and Ice Breaker|
|1515 – 1615hrs (60 mins)|Reports from MOP NSO Coordinators|
|1615 – 1715hrs (60 mins) | Reports from 10th year evalua�on & Global MOP Highlights|
|1715 – 1720hrs (5 mins)|Tea Break|
|1720 – 1740hrs (20 mins) | MOP Heroes Presentation|
|1740 – 1750hrs (10 mins) |Video Presentation (A Decade of MOP)|
|1750 – 1800hrs (10 mins) |Wrapping Up of the session and Reminders|

#### Day 4 | 27 June 2021 | Sunday | Time: 1500 – 1800hrs GMT+8

|1430 – 1445hrs |Joining Zoom|
|1445 -1455hrs| Information/Announcement|
|1455 -1500hrs| Inspirational Reflection|
|1500 - 1515hrs (15 mins) |Quiz and Ice Breaker|
|1515 – 1615hrs (60 mins)|Plan for the next decade of MOP (Breakout Groups)|
|1615 - 1645hrs (30 mins)| Reporting of BOG|
|1645 – 1715hrs (30 mins)|Recognitions|
|1715 – 1720hrs (5 mins)|Tea Break|
|1720 – 1740hrs (20 mins)| Recommendations|
|1740 – 1800hrs (20 mins) | Closing Ceremony|

# More Information 

- [MoP Conference Registration](

##  <center>Who Am I ?</center>

<center>I am a citizen journalist in our local area, law faculty student, founder STEEM for SDGS,  moderator PromoSteem Community, actively involved in humanitarian and environmental missions, active as a volunteer, has a career trail as a coach in scouting organizations, has relationships with a number of non-governmental organizations both at local and national levels, often acts as a moderator and speakers at a number of events, at Steemit actively participate in and do #promo-steem activities, as a pro-creator Oracle-D in the past, as content creators at @SevenFingers. Have high hopes and enthusiasm for STEEM For SDGs. There are many great people who have also helped this program and took their roles behind the scenes during the program's launch.</center>

<center>Hello Scouts!  Let's create your #story #travel #adventure #education #philosophy #motivation on Scouts Community</center>

#### <center>Learn about my proposal for scouting education :!/@ponpase/1yv4keet5</center>

##### <center>Thanks to leader Scouts Community @fjjrg and support. 

Cc : @steemcurator01

Special thanks : @kevinwong, @steemchiller, @xeldal 

Best Regard, 
Discord : ponpase#2931
Indonesian Scouting Movement</center>

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