Racana Leaders Meeting at the National Youth Instructor Course Forum [Scouts Community] by ponpase

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Racana Leaders Meeting at the National Youth Instructor Course Forum [Scouts Community]
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The month of May left memories for all of us. The month when we participated in the national entrepreneurial camp event. This event takes place once every 2 years.

It is a very rare opportunity to be able to attend this national meeting. That's why we should be grateful for the opportunity we've had. We are also proud to be the trusted representatives to participate in this event.

This event lasts for one week and is quite fun. There are many activities and meetings that take place during that one week. In addition, there are also several types of competition activities.

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We are lucky to have access to be involved in every activity. One of my favorite activities is the Young Instructor Course (KIM) forum. This forum brings together all the heads of each unit representative.

Each campus is only allowed to send two representatives to this forum. In this forum we learn many things, knowledge and share experiences. This forum lasts for 3 days and is held every night.

The purpose of this forum is to train scout members to become reliable and professional instructors. The main guideline that we have to learn is about laws and other rules that explain the implementation of scouting education. As young members we still have long hopes in the world of scouting.


This forum was very exciting and fun. We were able to meet many scouts from various regions. So, this is an opportunity for us to exchange ideas and share experiences.

This forum is very lively because every scout has the freedom to give their arguments. In this not-so-large room, every member of the scouts spoke and heard one another. So, we can be in the position of the person listening or the person speaking.


On the sidelines of the break, this activity becomes more interesting and fun. There are various ice breaker displayed by our instructor. This ice breaking is certainly a lesson for all of us.

Because besides being fun and entertaining, this ice breaking can also train the level of focus of each of us. Every ice breaking that is displayed certainly has benefits for training ourselves. We also have the opportunity to adopt some of the types of games featured on this forum.

The last session of this activity was a group photo session. The session took place in the hall against the background of the event banner. It's time to express yourself and keep it as a memory.


Finally from this activity we can take some important lessons. As instructors, we are required to learn about the basics of scouting. These basics relate to norms, values 鈥嬧媋nd laws.

Norms, values, and laws will be the main fundamental of every action we will take. So that whatever we will do does not conflict with that norm. These rules are then very important for us to learn and then we implement.

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@hive-181136 ·
Excelente experiencia amigo @ponpase.

Los dirigentes scouts debemos mantenernos actualizados en relaci贸n a nuestra formaci贸n como L铆deres de nuestros j贸venes.

Somos el modelo a seguir por parte de ellos, raz贸n por la cual todos debemos educarnos para hacer muy bien nuestro trabajo.  Entrenar nuestras capacidades, desarrollar nuestras habilidades para tratar con los j贸venes, poder identificar sus necesidades y en base a ello planificar las actividades para que ellos "aprendan haciendo", parte de nuestra filosof铆a como Movimiento juvenil.

Felicitaciones por esa oportunidad que tuvo de mantenerse actualizado en los cursos de formaci贸n de adultos de su regi贸n.

Buen trabajo!


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PD. Le recordamos que debe agregar en sus publicaciones de la comunidad, una traducci贸n al espa帽ol, lo cual forma parte de nuestras normas aceptadas por ud.


Excellent experience friend @ponpase.

Scout leaders must keep up to date in relation to our formation as Leaders of our young people.

We are the role model for them, which is why we must all educate ourselves to do our job very well. Train our capacities, develop our skills to deal with young people, be able to identify their needs and based on this plan activities so that they "learn by doing", part of our philosophy as a youth movement.

Congratulations on the opportunity you had to keep up-to-date on adult training courses in your region.

Nice job!


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P.S. We remind you that you must add a Spanish translation to your community posts, which is part of our standards accepted by you.

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