Homeland Fellini and Piadina Romagnola by amikphoto

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Homeland Fellini and Piadina Romagnola
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<h2>Rimini - the main gate to Italy</h2>

Almost every trip to Italy began with a visit to the city of Rimini. The fact is that in this city there is an airport named after Federico Fellini - a very famous Italian director. It is through this air gate that the cheapest air flights arrive from Russia to Italy.

At first it seemed to me that it was just a city at the airport and there was nothing interesting here. What you just need to stop here for a day or two, get comfortable and go on to visit the main Italian landmark cities.

But that was definitely my fallacy. Rimini is a very interesting city that is worth exploring and exploring.

Here are a few things to see:

Arch of Augustus

The Arch of Augustus served as the main gate of the city from the Flaminia Road, which went from Rome to the Adriatic coast. This is the oldest surviving Roman arches (27 BC, the era of the emperor Augustus). In the Middle Ages it still served as a gateway to the city, and when in the X century it partially collapsed, battlements with loopholes were added to it. The medieval superstructure is striking.

<h4>Tiberius Bridge</h4>

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The Tiberius Bridge over the Marecchia River is one of the oldest in the world. Its construction began under the emperor Augustus and was completed under his heir - the adopted son of Tiberius. The bridge separates the city center from the fishing district of San Giuliano, which, incidentally, was very fond of Fellini. It offers an excellent view of the city’s only skyscraper - Grattachelo di Rimini - and the old part of the city.

<h4>Three Martyrs Square</h4>

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The Square of the Three Martyrs, or Piazza Tre Martiri, is the largest in the city. She repeats the form of the Roman forum that was at this place. On the square are the church and chapel of St. Anthony of Padua. It was built on the spot where, according to legend, during the preaching of the priest, the donkey knelt.

Another interesting place on the square is a commemorative pillar-tribune in honor of Caesar’s famous passage through the Rubicon, after which he spoke to the troops at the forum that was at this place. Previously, the square itself was named after Julius Caesar, but in 1946 it was renamed the Square of the Three Martyrs, partisans from Rimini who were executed by the Germans during the war.

In addition to such objects, there is also a very interesting one - the Italy in Miniature Park. All significant objects are collected there, only in a reduced form and it is possible from a person’s height, as if from a bird’s eye view, for example, St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

It is worth saying that Rimini is a resort city. There is a very large beautiful sandy beach. In summer there are plenty of vacationers.

The streets along the sea consist of hotels, cafes and restaurants.

The spring in Rimini is especially beautiful.

Flowering of fruit trees creates an indescribable atmosphere.

I dream of being there again, to walk along the old streets again and eat Piadina.

Piadina Romagnola is the pride of this region. The local Piadina di Rimini variety is thinner and crispier than the same dish in Forlì or Ravenna. Each cook has his own filling recipe; you can find a piadina with ham, or you can find mozzarella or even chocolate. An important element of local cuisine is Adriatic fish, such as mackerel. The most famous wine of the area is the red Sangiovese di Romagna.


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