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One day in the trees garden of our village || travelfeed || by mdaminulislam

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One day in the trees garden of our village || travelfeed ||
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\# Good Morning Friends

How are you all.Hope all are well.I am also pretty good.Friends today is saturday 16 May 2020.

Today i will talk to you about my another trip.

\# Let's talk


Friends, you know I am Aminul Islam from Tangail district of Bangladesh.I always love to travel.I love traveling to different places at different times.I always love to travel at nature and natural area.I always love to travel at natural village.I always share with you the beautiful moments of my travel.

Likewise, few day ago I went to a beautiful trees garden in our village.Our village name is Gorashin.


Friends, our Bangladesh is still in lockdown due to epidemic corona virus.It is better not to enter the city during these times.So during these times I travel to the nature of the village.

As such our village has a beautiful tree garden.A few days ago I visited that tree garden.That day was Friday 08 May 2020.

I traveled to that village trees garden on Friday morning.It was a lovely morning.My target was to walk through the nature of that garden.I went to the tree garden in our village at 6am.Then I started walking in the tree garden.The tree garden was very beautiful.The natural beauty of the trees garden attracts me.There are many beautiful big trees.The trees have a touch of nature.I touched the trees with my hands.


Besides inside the trees garden there is beautiful green nature.I think it's really a natural place.I walked a long time in the trees garden.Besides, there are beautiful green nature beside the tree garden.I enjoyed the beauty of nature in my walk around.During the walk I took some pictures of the trees garden.I took some pictures with my used mobile camera.I shared those pictures here with you.Then after completing the trees garden journey, i headed back home.This is the story of my 08 May Friday morning travel to the our village's trees garden.


Friends i love traveling to our village's trees garden and nature.It was a very pleasant moment indeed.So I shared my beautiful travel moment with you.I hope you enjoy my travel story.

\# About Me

\# @mdaminulislam


\> I am Md Aminul Islam from Tangail district of Bangladesh. I live in Tangail city. I am a Degree (BSS) pass student.

\> My subject: Islamic studies and Political Science.My college name, Government MM Ali College, Tangail.

I love my parents and my family members.I love working on steemit.I love to travel.I love Photography.I love video editing and photography.I love the natural beauty of our world.I love the green nature.I always save the nature.

I love to share with you the beautiful moments of my life.I'm not a style man. I am a simple man my favourite game is Cricket. and my favourite hobby are travel. Friends, I hope you all stay by my side, and Support my work.

\# Thank you

\# @mdaminulislam


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