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America - Weekly Round-Up #143 by travelfeed

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America - Weekly Round-Up #143
<a href="https://travelfeed.io/@travelfeed/america-weekly-round-up-143"><center><h3>Read this post on TravelFeed.io for the best experience</h3></center></a><hr />

<p><strong>Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed America roundup!</strong></p><p>North, Central or South America - we try to cover it all by sharing our favorite articles from these travel destinations submitted to us on <a href='https://travelfeed.io/'>TravelFeed.io</a> and via the <a href='https://travelfeed.io/c'>TravelFeed communities</a>. Ready for some adventure? We're pretty sure we'll satisfy your wanderlust with the following posts.</p><h3>The BEST posts for America</h3><p>A <em>quick</em> recap - the <strong>post rewards</strong> of this curation post will be distributed as follows:</p><ul><li>Each featured author is set as a 13% beneficiary of this post;</li><li>The rest of the earnings will be used to <strong>power up</strong> the <a href='https://travelfeed.io/@travelfeed'>@travelfeed</a> account.</li></ul><p>๐Ÿ”—<em>The thumbnails are directly linked to the original posts. Please, click on the image and enjoy the read!</em></p><hr/><div json='{"type":"linkTool","data":{"link":"https://travelfeed.io/@bimaladevi/a-look-at-santiago-chile","meta":{"title":"A look at Santiago.","description":"Each place we visit has a unique charm. It is very difficult to write a travel essay saying that a place is ugly or that it does not deserve to be visited ... the whole planet is beautiful, with everything and its nuances, each place is special. It all depends on the โ€œeye with which we look at itโ€, on the attitude you have when looking In 2018 I","image":"https://img.travelfeed.io/bimaladevi%2F20201114T214258661Z-IMG_20180918_125153.jpg","author":"bimaladevi","permlink":"a-look-at-santiago-chile"}}}'><center><h4>A look at Santiago. <em> by <a href="https://travelfeed.io/@bimaladevi">@bimaladevi</a></em></h4></center><blockquote><p>Each place we visit has a unique charm. It is very difficult to write a travel essay saying that a place is ugly or that it does not deserve to be visited ... the whole planet is beautiful, with everything and its nuances, each place is special. It all depends on the โ€œeye with which we look at itโ€, on the attitude you have when looking In 2018 I</p></blockquote><center><a href="https://travelfeed.io/@bimaladevi/a-look-at-santiago-chile"><img src="https://img.travelfeed.io/bimaladevi%2F20201114T214258661Z-IMG_20180918_125153.jpg" /></a></center></div><hr /><p>We hope you have enjoyed these posts. Please <strong>visit</strong> the featured author's accounts <strong>to learn more</strong> about their travels!</p><p><em>If you don't want to miss the daily top picks by our curation team, please look out for the <a href='https://travelfeed.io/featured'>featured</a> posts on <a href='https://travelfeed.io/'>TravelFeed.io</a>.</em></p><hr/><h2>Want to be featured in our daily round-ups?</h2><p>It's simple! If you are posting through <a href='https://travelfeed.io/'>TravelFeed.io</a>, you are already eligible, just don't forget to add a location. Also, select a relevant community using the community picker in the topics menu for a chance to be featured in these round-ups!</p><hr/><h2>Don't miss our contests!</h2><p>Part of our job is to partner with awesome projects to offer even more rewards on top of the usual curation, this way we can  ensure that active and new users get the best of the best for their efforts. If you don't want to miss out on the opportunities make sure to stay tuned to our posts and announcements on <a href='https://travelfeed.io/'>TravelFeed.io</a>. Check the latest ones below!</p><hr/><h2>Be Part of TravelFeed!</h2><ul><li><strong>Follow</strong> our account @travelfeed to never miss any updates</li><li><strong>Share</strong> <a href='https://travelfeed.io/'>TravelFeed.io</a> posts on <strong>social media</strong> (we have now share buttons at each post)</li><li>Follow us on <strong>social media</strong>: <a href='https://twitter.com/travelfeedio'>Twitter</a> <a href='https://www.instagram.com/travelfeed.io/'>Instagram</a> <a href='https://www.facebook.com/travelfeedio'>Facebook</a> <a href='https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy2nXX5orB6sBBpA-oRXTuw'>Youtube</a> <a href='https://www.pinterest.com/travelfeedio/'>Pinterest</a> <a href='https://www.reddit.com/r/TravelFeedio/'>Reddit</a></li><li>Follow our <strong>curation trail</strong> on Hive.vote: <a href='https://travelfeed.io/travelfeed/@travelfeed/tutorial-follow-the-travelfeed-curation-trail-on-steemauto'>Check out our tutorial</a></li><li><strong><a href='https://travelfeed.io'>Post through our dapp</a></strong>: <a href='https://travelfeed.io/@travelfeed/updated-how-to-participate-on-travelfeed-io'>Find out the benefits and why you should post from TravelFeed.io</a></li><li>Consider delegating: Your <strong>delegation</strong> of Hive Power or Steem Power does not only supports the growth of this incredible project, but also helps the entire travel community on <a href='https://travelfeed.io/'>TravelFeed.io</a>. 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Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask for help โ€” <strong>we are here to help</strong>!<center><a href='https://discord.gg/jWWu73H'><img src='https://steemitimages.com/0x0/https://ipfs.busy.org/ipfs/QmZhLuw8WE6JMCYHD3EXn3MBa2CSCcygvfFqfXde5z3TLZ' alt='Transparent-Discord-Travel.png' /></a></center></p>

<hr /><center><em>View this post <a href="https://travelfeed.io/@travelfeed/america-weekly-round-up-143">on TravelFeed</a> for the best experience.</em></center>
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