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Beginning to practice the Wim-Hof method


<div class="text-justify">I admit that I knew little about this man but when I started to search about him I was amazed by his uncommon and extreme achievements, in fact he holds 22 Guinness World Records, all of them related to the ability of his body to withstand extreme conditions such as climbing Everest in a bathing suit or doing a marathon at the North Pole with little clothing. </div><P/>
<div class="text-justify">The man seems to have superpowers and has been taken as a laboratory mouse for some experiments, luckily escaping all of them. </div><P/>
<div class="text-justify">After an unfortunate incident, the man set out to prove to the world that the will of the people is superior to everything and developed a method which he massified through all available means and with it he assures that those who practice it will be able to increase their energy, improve their concentration, drive away stress, connect with nature, sleep peacefully and influence their immune system, in such a way that diseases will not be able to affect them. </div><P/>
<div class="text-justify">It is based on three fundamentals, which are exposure to the cold, controlling and managing breathing so that oxygen circulates better through the body by doing certain exercises and acquiring the commitment to comply with everything as recommended. </div><P/>
<div class="text-justify">I personally reviewed the above and came to the conclusion that one must be cautious when putting it into practice, since personal factors must be taken into account according to the type of life, health or place where one lives. </div><P/>
<div class="text-justify">A young person in his twenties is not the same as an adult in his sixties, nor is someone who is that age and has led an active and sporty life the same as someone who has been sedentary, nor is someone who lives on the equator the same as someone who lives in one of the tropics or near the poles. </div><P/>
<div class="text-justify">Like self-help books, which are not to my particular taste, everything must be adapted to the realities of each person and the circumstances experienced by the person, and not everything that works for one person works for another. </div><P/>
<div class="text-justify">I am 65 years old, I had an active and sporty life but for the last decade or so my physical activity has been low due to several factors, one of them health, since I have an inguinal hernia that limits me, however I am physically fit in relation to others of my age. </div><P/>
<div class="text-justify">The method that Wim Hof proposes and that bears his name is to take 30 deep breaths that fill your lungs, taking air from the bottom up and then release the air slowly, but without emptying the lungs completely, until the last one, in this you must keep the air as long as you can before expelling it all. While you hold it, do push-ups and when you have to let the air out due to the effects of the exercise, repeat the last action again but without the exercise and hold your breath for 15 seconds. Repeat the process 3 times, then take a shower of very cold water. </div><P/>
<div class="text-justify">Personally I have decided to take it step by step, starting the first week with 20 breaths, including the last one in which I hold my breath for 10 seconds at times. </div><P/>
<div class="text-justify">Without exercising or taking cold showers, something that is impossible here since I live in a very hot city, where the lowest temperature is 37 degrees Celsius and the wind chill has reached levels of more than 50 degrees Celsius. </div><P/>
<div class="text-justify">It is too early to give results, next week I will be able to give some, but I recommend everyone to take into account what I wrote about customizing the method according to the conditions. </div><P/>
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@crypto.piotr ·
Dear @joseph1956

I wonder where did you find this main picture? :) 

> when I started to search about him I was amazed by his uncommon and extreme achievements

That was also my reaction. He got me interested. He got me curious. And I quickly realized how positive change it has been to my body to follow his teachings.

> The method that Wim Hof proposes and that bears his name is to take 30 deep breaths that fill your lungs

From what I've learned - it is not so much about filling our lungs with oxygen as it is about filling our belly with it and then pulling it upwards towards chest and head.
It is crutial to expand our belly while we breathe.

Doing push-ups while we breathed-out all oxygen is more of an ... advanced option. Not the one I want us to focus :)  
I rather ensure that you can clear your mind and simply relax while following that technique.

Also ice baths - that's also for more advanced students. Do not rush into ice baths.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this initiative and hopefully you will share your experience in practicing Wim Hof breathing techiniques within next weeks.

Great read. Upvote on the way.
Yours, Piotr
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