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THE DIARY GAME : 10/10/2020 - A long drive by besticofinder

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THE DIARY GAME : 10/10/2020 - A long drive
Hello Friends, 

<div class="text-justify"> 
Today was a a really exciting day for me as I had to visit University of Sabaragamuwa for an interview. The time given to me was 9.00 a.m so I had to leave home early in the morning. 

<center><code>Katubedda to Sabaragamuwa University  </center></code>
<div class="text-justify"> 
It is a long drive  of around 150km and if we consider both sides it's 300 km+. So we started the ride early in the morning and my wife joined me. I arrange all the certificates , presentations and cloths yesterday so it was easy from me.  Some how we managed to leave the home exactly at 4.00 a.m. 
<div class="text-justify"> 
<center><code>Galle road at Moratuwa </center></code>

<div class="text-justify"> 

It was dark and the roads were empty. Not even a single vehicle actually. It was really easy to drive and my target was to pass the Rathnapura town before 6.00 a.m as the road is difficult to drive with lot of bends and heavy vehicles. After a long drive we managed to arrive university around 8.00 a.m and I managed to face the interview well.  So after the interview we directly started our way back to home. We were able to  see the beautiful environment which we missed early in the morning. 


<center><code>Road side , paddy fields </center></code>

<center><code>  Clean Roads , Green Surrounding </center></code>

<center><code>Mountain view , Green nature </center></code>
<div class="text-justify"> 
And on the way we felt little bit tired and came looking for a place to have a tea. Luckily we found a Perera and Son's Restaurant at Rathnapura road. So I stopped there and both of us purchased some coffee and short eats. 

<center><code> Beautiful mountain view to the P&S restaurant  </center></code> 
<center><code> Beautiful mountain view to the P&S restaurant  </center></code> 
<div class="text-justify"> 
After that we started the drive again. I think I continuously drove around 3 hours and finally we reached home. And it was around 3.00 p.m and I was really hungary and tired.  So I had my lunch and had a quick wash. The only thing I needed is a little nap. So I went to the bed with the hope of having a 1 hour sleep and it extended for around 2 hours .. lol.
So that's how the day went for me. Let's meet tomorrow with a new day ! 
#thediarygame #betterlife  #srilanka 

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