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flowers at 9 o'clock and its health benefits by girls-steem

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flowers at 9 o'clock and its health benefits
Good night steem friends !!!!
How are you tonight ??? May all of us always be healthy and in His protection all ... Amiiiin
Still about flowers, tonight I will discuss about flower clocks (Portulaca grandiflora Hook)
In Indonesia this flower plant is called by various names. Portulaka, Purslane, Nine Hours Flower, Beautiful Beauty, Bombay Silk. However, some areas in Indonesia this flower is more famous as a nine o'clock flower. It is called the nine o'clock flower because this flower only appears and blooms every morning around nine o'clock. In the afternoon until late evening the flowers will wither and slowly disappear, replaced by new buds that are ready to bloom the next morning.
This flower is a plant consisting of 100 species that are spread in tropical and subtropical areas. Portulaka or Pukul Sembilan Flower is a plant originating from South America (Argentina, Brazil, and Urugay) which then spread to various places in the world including Indonesia. In Indonesia, various types of Portulaca are referred to as purslane. Even though it is often considered as a weed, purslane has an attractive flower shape and color so that purslane is very potential to be developed as a tropical ornamental plant. The growth of this plant is so fast that it is suitable for use as a ground cover crop.







Although often referred to as a weed, this plant has several benefits that are good for human health. The following is a complete description of the benefits of purslane flowers;
• Cure sore throat
• Heals boils and wounds
• Cure hepatitis sick
• Can prevent eczema
• Headache
• Prevent hypertension
• Cure indigestion
• Overcoming pain in joints and rheumatism
• As a medicine for bruises.

No need to worry about using purslane flowers as an internal or external medicine. This is because these flowers can work without risks and side effects. When using nine o’clock flowers as an internal medicine, how to make the potion is quite easy. By preparing nine o’clock flowers, stems, 15-30 grams of leaves and flowers, boil them with a few cc of water until they boil. After boiling and the water is a little visible, just remove from heat and wait for it to cool. After chilling the cooking water can be filtered and drunk 2 to 3 times every day. In addition to consuming boiled water, you can also consume it by making juice directly drunk. If you don’t like the taste or aroma, you can mix it with fruit or add a little sugar to make it taste better.
If you want to use nine o’clock flowers as an external medicine, the method is also quite easy, namely by preparing and washing a few grams of flowers, leaves and flower stalks at nine o’clock. Then mash the flower until smooth, then paste the result on the affected part. For example, in boils, insect bites, bruises, or wounds. The water from this flower collision can also be used to wash your face and compress eczema and burns.

Well, that’s an explanation of the nine o’clock flower with its various benefits. Hopefully this is useful ☺️
Best regards @ girls-steem

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