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Importance Of Reading... by madushanka

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Importance Of Reading...
# ***Good Morning My Friends,***

These days when you are spending more time at home, you can relax and enjoy the extra books. Reading books is a key characteristic of a developing person. It develops knowledge and skills. Just as a flower of a sunflower often turns to the sun, the person who develops it often packs the book. Reading books also develops general knowledge. Given the busyness of today, some people may not have time to read books. But set aside an hour each day to read a book. Then we can become a complete human being. We can read books even in the dark. Knowledge will also grow, and precious time will not be wasted.


Knowledge spread throughout the world reaches us mainly through reading books. Everything is readily available to us through books written by various scholars from all over the world. There are so many books on every subject in the world today. These were written in different languages. Therefore, it is not difficult for people who know one or two languages ​​to read a lot of books, improve their knowledge and make a living.


Books contain a wealth of knowledge on many subjects. Frequent book readers will be able to acquire this knowledge. Those who cannot keep up with the existing world will not be a complete human being. A society full of reading is a society of progress. The country is developed because of the people who have a lot of knowledge in different fields.


There are many reasons why we need to get away from our children because of the reading habits that are so lifelong. Television is the main focus of this, and the computer exerts additional pressure. The harm of reading habits in children is not trivial. You have to make a habit of doing anything. It is very important to get used to reading from an early age.


Reading habits should be developed at an early age in the home. Having children participate in a children's book fair and allowing them to maintain a library in their homes will make the reading more meaningful. We don't seem to have much of a rural reading in our country. The harm they do if they go after low-level factors is inconceivable. The above points cannot limit the value of reading. ***Be Safe & Stay Healthy.***
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