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Story of a patient with sky high blood sugar by hafiz34

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· @hafiz34 ·
Story of a patient with sky high blood sugar
He is one of our regular patients. He works in a company which has the contract of waste disposal with the government. He came to our clinic on multiple occasions with his problem; diabetes mellitus. He is a poor, Indian guy of 40 years of age with uncontrolled DM, away from his family and neglected by his company in perspective of his treatment. Every time he came before, he came with very high blood sugar which, a few occasions was too high to be measured by the glucometer. 

This image is made by me using the information acquired during the medical college 

#### His blood sugar records in our clinic :
25.9.2019: FBS (237 mg/dl or 13.2 mmol/l) and HbA1c (10.6%)
29.01.2020: RBS (387 mg/dl or 21.5 mmol/l)
02.03.2020: RBS (352 mg/dl or 19.6 mmol/l)
05.05.2020: RBS (732 mg/dl or 40.7 mmol/l)
05.10.2020: RBS (758 mg/dl or 42.1 mmol/l)

After a few months of oral diabetic medicine 💊 (a combination of three medicines were given!), he was told to start insulin after consulting Government diabetic Polyclinic. His company didn't allow him to go there despite our referral letter. When on 5th May 2020 he came with the features of diabetes ketoacidosis (one of the grave complications of uncontrolled DM), he was given a letter to go to a higher centre for the proper management. Again his company didn't take him.

Yesterday, his blood sugar was the max recorded one in our clinic; 42.1 mmol/l. He was supposed to be treated in any specialised hospital but considering his company's records, he just wanted medicines! I explained to him the condition in details, what he needed to be done urgently and for that where he must need to go. Instead of agreeing with me, he just wanted some medicines! I had to give him something. 

Our clinic is just an outpatient clinic and we don't have all the investigations also. This patient needed a wide range of tests to assess his complications. He is a very thin person and most likely he is a patient of Type 1 DM, not type 2. Last two times, he was either suffering from diabetes ketoacidosis (DKA) or Hyperglycemic hyperosmolar state. First one is a common complication in untreated or poorly treated Type 1 DM and later one in Type 2. Due to the lack of test facilities, our clinic couldn't confirm any of it. His company helped him neither. 

I am worried about him and me also. If he comes with unconsciousness or coma to us, we have to rush to higher centre ourselves with the patient!!!


My today's automaticwin. 50 minutes on the treadmill helped me achieve this.

# COVID-19 statistics
Last updated: 06.10.2020, 19:13 GMT [source](https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/)
|	World/Country	|	Total cases	|	Total deaths	|
|	------------	|	------------	|	------------	|
|	     **World**     	|	     35,939,914     	|	    1,051,775    	|
|	     **Oman**     	|	    102,648    	|	   990     	|
|	     **Bangladesh**     	|	     371,631     	|	     5,405     	|


### COVID-19 related useful news/information:
**Mask wearing method:** The correct method of wearing and taking off a mask. The demonstration is shown by Dr Poland [article link containing video](https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/do-you-know-how-to-safely-wear-and-take-off-a-face-mask/)


Dear readers! You will find a comment from hivewatchers below. I have already made an [apology post](https://peakd.com/hive/@hafiz34/my-hivewatchers-blacklist-my-apology-to-the-hive-community) and appealed to remove my name from the blacklist. Hope that everything will be fine In Sha Allah. 

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