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A busy evening shift in my chamber by hafiz34

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· @hafiz34 ·
A busy evening shift in my chamber
During the morning shift, it was a bit of relaxing duty for me; only 7 patients I had to consult. But at evening shift, it was quite busy. I couldn't perform my Magrib prayer on time due to the high patients' load. 

Most of the patients were the suspected case of COVID-19 only a few exceptions who came with non-COVID symptoms. One of them came with swelling at the back of his right hand along with pain. He got a bee 🐝 sting the previous day. 

Among the 25 patients I consulted at the evening shift, 4 of them had more corona related symptoms and officially recorded them as suspected COVID-19 patients. According to the ministry of health rules, I had to notify the proper authority. One out of four patients gave a sample for corona test. 
The last patient was an Indonesian lady, a housemaid. She was having difficulties in breathing, especially when she was doing some work. It is called exertional dyspnoea. Her blood oxygen saturation was falling to around 90% after using the stairs. It was going up to 93%-94% after sitting still. I advised them to do the covid19 test but they refused. 

This is all about today's chamber activities. 

# COVID-19 statistics
Last updated: 05.10.2020, 19:33 GMT [source](https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/)
|	World/Country	|	Total cases	|	Total deaths	|
|	------------	|	------------	|	------------	|
|	     **World**     	|	     36,297,649     	|	    1,058,128     	|
|	     **Oman**     	|	    103,465    	|	   1000     	|
|	     **Bangladesh**     	|	     373,151     	|	     5,440     	|


### COVID-19 related useful news/information:
**Symptoms are unnecessary for being infectious:** If a person come in contact with a COVID-19 patient and gets the virus. Later, whether symptoms appear or not in him/her, that person can transmit the virus just like a diseased person. [article link](https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200925/silent-covid-19-produces-as-much-virus-as-in-patients-with-symptoms-study)


Dear readers! You will find a comment from hivewatchers below. I have already made an [apology post](https://peakd.com/hive/@hafiz34/my-hivewatchers-blacklist-my-apology-to-the-hive-community) and appealed to remove my name from the blacklist. Hope that everything will be fine In Sha Allah. 


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