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Love In The Time Of Cyberspace on Steemit. by agodaniel32

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Love In The Time Of Cyberspace on Steemit.
Whoa!... I know...am I entering into dangerous waters here or what?!

But before everyone starts smacking their lips and rubbing their hands together in anticipation of something really juicy, let me just say it's not about what you're thinking.

*image source to http://debutmarketing.co.uk/2014/08/simple-online-business-influencers*

For example, here at Steemit blockchain community there is such a vast diversity of people with all our differences and personalities. It's like the epitome of an online, multi-cultural, mini country. Better still, it's not governed by overpaid and completely insane politicians lost in a haze of ego, fame, glory, and power. :-)

We here at WA are free to be autonomous, independent, enterprising, free-thinking and forward thinking entrepreneurs.

But what makes this all come together...this diversity...this community...this possibility? (besides the awesome nuts and bolts, expansive mind-set of **Justin Sun and various curators supporting this community**)

Like any town, city, country, world, community, or Universe, what is the thing that brings two or more together in an effort to create unity?

It's true, that on the surface, sometimes the union of two or more may not seem like it's healthy or safe or fair or unified whether the two are countries, religions, beliefs, or people, but if we can understand what's at the 'back' of that coming together...what's actually 'behind' the cause of any concept, idea, structure, matter, country, community, person, or thing - then we might be able to better realize the energy which not only creates the glue that holds it all together, but actually **IS** the glue.

Sometimes this is referred to as the **Is-ness** of all that Is.

Or, in other words....love.

While we may often associate the word 'love' with our children, families, or romantic partners, and rightly so, I like to remind myself that the love we are feeling for the special people in our lives is an off-shoot of the bigger, broader picture that brought us all together in the first place, whether to create the physical world we currently inhabit, or this cyberspace one right here at Steemit.

There is a great deal of love here between members. I can feel it. And even though we don't 'know' each other in the physical world, that sense of support, kindness, and friendship can still be sensed on a deeper level, and also through our words and actions as a way to communicate our mutual encouragement towards well-being and success for each other.

*Image credit source to https://www.alifeoverseas.com/why-is-it-always-about-money*

As a human species we are also evolving and expanding into lighter and finer versions of ourselves, learning to drop the heavy baggage of corrupt and misguided ideologies, systems, principles, dogmas, theories, beliefs, and thoughts. It's like a major purge taking place within everyone, though many will fight and resist it to their own detriment. If you are feeling an amped-up sense of life challenge, adversity, or simply a vast increase in emotional ups and downs and overall discomfort, this could easily be the reason.

Sometimes we may connect with one or more kindred spirits in cyberspace, and this can be deeply genuine and heartfelt, whether as a tie of lasting friendship or something more, based on a conscious union and a mutual vision of bonding together towards a bigger picture. Where it becomes incredible though, is that this evolutionary 'refinement of vibration' that we are currently morphing into is removing all veils and barriers and allowing us to see each other transparently through the eyes of love.

The old paradigm of looking out for, and loving only our close circle of friends and family, is fast falling away. Have you been experiencing this lately? Even in this Steemit cyberspace, the feeling of a more unified family coming together in our mutual commonness to help one another succeed, rather than pointing out our differences, can be felt.

I'm still batting for the other side of face to face, hand to hand, voice to voice physical interaction with people, but this does not mean that our cyberspace connections hold less merit...energy is energy after all, and if you're sensitive and intuitive it's pretty easy to feel who someone truly is...body or nobody - I just really want (prefer) the body/energy package! :-)

A friend of mine asked me the other day if I thought it was possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time - her question most likely asked because of the walls of separation that are falling away among so many of us. I know she was referring to 'personal' love relationships, but I laughed anyway and told her (based on my definition of love) that it was possible to be in love with seven billion people at the same time. :-)

When we can learn to love each other in our commonness in this community, then learning to love our differences can become second nature. This not only leads to greater success in all areas of our life, but it contributes to creating a more harmonious, peaceful, and unified blockchain community.

I appreciate your time and your comments,upvote,Resteem and follow. Take Care. 

**Kind regards,**
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