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The Diary Game : 17/10/2020 - Giving Home Support by oppongk

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The Diary Game : 17/10/2020 - Giving Home Support
Good day friends!,


Today is another Saturday, there were a lot task to accomplish in the house. I woke up in the morning to arrange the scattered things in the room. This is the only day I could do help in this activity. I had to first gather the things we have bought for the unborn baby. Cheers!, I have almost done with the purchase of most of the grocery list given to my wife by the nurses. The new additional items recently purchased were buckets, containers for stocking the baby's soap & sponge, soaps, and bags. I assembled them to check what I would buy next. After gathering all the items in the room, I helped for the mopping and removing all the curbweds from all corners of the room. 




###### <center>assembling the items bought </center>


I see my wife to be tired since she washed her clothes as well as the children clothes. She decided to join me when I was washing but, I told her to relax so that I would do justice to them. I didn't have much to be washed today; about 5 shirts, 4 trousers plus the children clothes they wore yesterday. I took them outside and begin washing. I spent about 32mins to wash all and tried them on our drying lines erected. I had supporting hand from my children.


Later in the afternoon we felt heat staying in room and from the roof, so we came outside to enjoy the cool breeze of ventilation blowing around. Shortly Sis Eagerheart came with a baby clinging on her back. This baby is her brother first daughter about a 7 months. We made fun with her, because she is on new environment she felt unhappy to respond.  My daughter, Adubea requested to also cling her on her back. I see this to be good practices learning how to carry a baby so that when her mother bring forth her baby she can support. I saw it to be a nice look when the camera captured themπŸ‘‡



##### <center>Isobel clinging on Adubea's back</center>


Between 3 to 4 pm, the weather was very dark like to rain. The hot scorching sun began to shine very early when we woke up from bed. It would keep long for the rain to drop. I and my family quickly went and removed the clothes I have dried on the dry lines. My children & wife did well helping me to remove all the clothes. I then removed my herb drying on the floor.


###### <center>my children supporting me to remove my clothes</center>



##### <center>removing my herbs</center>


Shortly the rain began to rain severely, I had to remove my dog from its usual place to move on the compound. My little Son, Darkwa fear dogs even puppies, so I kept the door of the corridor shut while we were inside playing. My children were very happy that it was raining. I just had one shot of  what we were doing here.


###### <center>during the rainfall </center>



###### <center>playing with my children in the corridor</center>


Due to the rainfall, I couldn't enjoy my favorite *"fufu"* for supper. I had to accept eating *"yam ampesi."* My wife sought permission from me to offer me this meal since she can't pass through the rain to pound it at the *"fufu pounding machine."* The permission was were taken. We already had a well prepared two different stews as we often do during weekends. We have cabbage and carrots stew and tomatoes and egg stew since I last bough half crake eggs. But today we decided to eat the *"yam ampesi in accompany with the tomatoes and egg stew. With the next 35 mins, the supper was ready. We ate and continue the rest of our better life.


###### <center>enjoying my supper</center>


Thanks to all wonderful Steemians. My appreciation to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02. I am always happy working with you 😁!

***"Note: this post has been set to 100% power up."***

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