The Dairy Game: 04/04/2021: Easter Sunday/Money Heist series by evan30

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The Dairy Game: 04/04/2021: Easter Sunday/Money Heist series
Good Morning and Happy Easter fellow steemians. i woke up  early and clean my room and fed my rabbits then I took breakfast before heading to @rues's house to help him  finish editing his report as 
I rushed to his house , on getting there he was already up and was doing his Lundry so I jumped on the laptop and while he was finishing his chores i was editing his report while we listened to
some music while talking about our interest and when I was done, he was done with his chores also. He told me he wanted to visit some old friends from his high school so he left and we partedways at the road side and i went home too , took my bath and decided to go see my parent and younger siblings. I took a taxi and rushed home and spend time with mum , and siblings but  just saw Dad for abit and he wanted wanted me to sleep  there so he refused to give me transport back as he promised but i decided  to go come back at my place and on
getting at the road i meet @rues at the glossary store buying some glossory so aided him in getting the glossary home and as we arrived at his place we started watching  MONEY HEIST SERIES 

If someone could even offer me food at that I wouldn't have had  time for it because the film had taken all my attention. 

Presently now this series is my first Bae now no one else. 

Thanks for reading 

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