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Got any power on HIVE and want to make few asses mad? Add me on the voter. by kingscrown

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· @kingscrown ·
Got any power on HIVE and want to make few asses mad? Add me on the voter.
Few asses (literally few but using a bot with my accounts) flag me daily on HIVE. I know most of you guys don't care about rewards - nor me yet funny to make them mad even more with their abuse.

Consider to add me on Hive.Vote if you have any power - even 1 cent.

Here is how the setup changed there or how to do it.


http://hive.vote is a great service to follow and autovote users/trails.

Yet now they changed setup and you now not only set how many times you want to vote on user per day but also per week.

While adding the option they changed it automatically into 2 a week. So if you want to support user once a day you should set 7, if twice 14 etc.

## So to change those login to http://hive.vote

Go into fanbase

Chose my nick to follow or if you already follow find in drop down and click edit

Then if you vote me up daily 2 times with 100% power you can set like this:

If 1 a day you change to 1 a day, no need to change weekly limit as its obvious there is 7 days ;)

Do the same for others you like or follow.

You can also chose curation trail and follow votes of others you do the same - put their nick (ie mine) and click:

I vote on myself just 14% and self-votes are excluded from curation. I have a very good APR.

Service is made by @mahdiyari who used to run steemauto here.

## And if you like my content remember to follow me also on links below.

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Thank you for letting us know!
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