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Ho Chi Minh's country by ripon2018

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Ho Chi Minh's country

The destination is in Sa Pa
On the left side of the mountainous road, there are beautifully decorated bouquet of flowers. Diverse their colors and shapes. There are many similarities with the rainy season flower flower.

Eid celebration in Bangladesh is going on in the day that we are going to town. I have left the Bangladesh House early in the day for the travel agency office. From there, mini buses will take us out. The road was empty due to morning walk. We reached 20 minutes before the scheduled time. Standing in front of the office, morning breakfast is all over. Open the office zip After waiting for a while, the desired car came.

I have already said that these trip arrangements are very orderly. Some services work concurrently. Travel agencies keep the list of tourists scheduled for bus service. The names of the tourists are mentioned and their number is mentioned. The list is taken from the city's various spots to the tourists car.


This trip is exceptional for us this year. Because we had no idea what to do here. We were inventing new topics in each step of the trip. There is no restriction on the food from us on the mini bus (vaj / non-vajas), we have to know that. We informed that without pork, we used to eat everything.

After 10 minutes Minibas dropped us. A large size bus was standing nearby. The guide asked us to take the bus. Our eyes on the corner of the bus reached the forehead. The bus is half full of the bus. The first reason for the eye's forehead is to open the shoes and we will have to ride on our bus. Hold the polythene in the driver's hand. Shoes should be opened in polythene. They will have to enter the bus with their own shoe polythene hands. The second floor bus is not the chair. Travel arranged for everyone. The matter is absolutely new to us. There is a WiFi system on the bus. Fiddel discovered it the first time. Because he's in the front seat. Big TV monitors in front of him. Writing WiFi's password there.

Among the bus passengers are Vietnamese citizens. Just a few tourists The Vietnamese looked rich after seeing The overall arrangement of buses for long journals seems unimaginable. There are seat belts in the storied seats. Because of the night's sleep, we slept in a short time. At noon to reach the city of Sa Pa in the afternoon. I think sleeping better than the rest of the day so that I can roam around.

Two hours after the start of the bus stopped the bus. There were no guides in our car. The bus driver also does not know English. It is a 30-minute break for us. A huge space in front of a market. There stand more buses there. Most of the food in the hotel is the hotel. The barricade in the language, so the order was not ordered. I bought bread-cookies and fruit.

Most of our time during the tour was the result of Vietnam. Our country's Sharif results have become rare, the markets in which there is a rare opportunity Cheap at the price Dragon fruit, rambutan, Thai jackfruit, pepe, mango, and milk are also available. There are also Vietnamese litchi. This litchi is the cheapest. It is not possible to know what the locals called the fruit. Seeing Lichur does not match but the taste is the same. The bees are round shape. The fruit skin is smooth, not like our litch. Small in size

At the end of the break, it's time to start again. Before reaching the city of Sa Pa, there were two more breaks. After the third break, I noticed that the bus started moving up the hill. The bus is rising from the hills! Even in Nepal, there is a hillside experience, but these buses are small like our city bus. After reaching the mountains for 45 minutes, we reached the city of Sa Pa. There is a small lake in the middle of a small town. The time was raining.

Where to go with whom I will go, I saw a large number of people standing near the gate of a bus in the name of the paper. After leaving, he ran for another hotel with us on a minibus. Minibas are all foreigners

Lunch arranged after the hotel was served. Two Australian friends sat on our lunch at lunch. Nurses in their profession. They are in our group in the Sa Pa trip. There was talk of eating food. After a few months ago I visited Australia and inquired about the interest. Seeing Fidel, he asked whether he is going to visit this first foreign country. This is the comparison of women's eyes on her third foreign trip. He said, to go abroad for the first time I had to wait till the age of 20.

After lunch we will go to the villages and tribes of indigenous villages. Wherever you can see from Zum Chas and how the villagers will see the clothes they sow. Our guide appeared before the lunch was over. The guide says the 18-year-old girl 'Co' of light-thin work

I got off at three in the afternoon. There was moderate rain. We bought a rain coat with a 10,000 counter from the hotel counter. The price of Bangladesh is Tk 350 in Bangladesh. Thin finned rain coat. Buy boot shoes with 20 thousand balls. Risky walking without boot at mountainous roads. But it's hard to walk later. It feels hot, is more difficult than other shoe to walk.

Traditional Jewelry Buying and Selling
At the beginning of the walk from the hotel, a few women on the shoulder shoulder surrounded us with stories. In the words, I understand that they are local fugitives. Most of the jewelry Besides, there are small handkerchief, bag, hand band. They continued with us. Walking through the street, the house was seen in the street, small shops in front of the house. Almost the same type of products are everywhere. Jewelry is silver or tin. They used colored stones. Traditional dresses The same is similar to the colors of men and women in our mountainous region, such as the color. There are many similarities in the type of dress. We stopped to say that the type of dress that she's like. There are some additions to them.


We were walking downhill from the top to walk. On the left side of the mountainous road, there are beautifully decorated bouquet of flowers. Diverse their colors and shapes. There are many similarities with the rainy season flower flower. They are planted in China soil and soil. One thing I noticed is that there are no tabs anywhere in Vietnam, such as using soil or plastic tub in the country. All of the different types of Chinese soil white or blue white colored tub. For a few days, I realized that on average, two feet of soil was found in stone. There are more stones than the soil. So they did not make soil clay, but they made these through stones. Stones, fountains, ocean, and many other natural resources rich in Vietnam.

Seeing artificial gardens, the villagers are watching. Travelers go to the village to travel tickets. Guided by his team leader, Gu The name of the village is 'cat cat'. Where the ticket counter is beside him the map of the trip to the big billboard.
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