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The Idea is Brilliant, I'm Concerned about the Participants by arabisouri

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The Idea is Brilliant, I'm Concerned about the Participants

**Tim Berners-Lee** invented the Web, as we know it. He was driven by his imaginations that would open all the spaces we see and more.

By the time, what started as a great dream and was driven by good intentions for a brighter world has been used by many bad actors for the worse of humanity, who to blame and how to fix it?

Berners-Lee has a method he called it the **Contract for the Web,** as he outlined in an [opinion post]( on New York Times yesterday. 


He wants to have a global force of combined efforts to regulate the web and filter out the bad guys, here's where my concerns start: no two differ on defining a pedophile as a bad guy, but every two differ on many other things starting with religions and not ending with politics.

What you consider right, others might consider very wrong, what you consider wrong, others might consider right. Examples are plenty like what the Pentagon propagandists consider as terror by those fighting the foreign invasions of their countries, the fighters consider it as an honorable duty to resist and fight back the invasion, sounds familiar? The US invasion of Iraq must be fought, however, the same Pentagon propagandists who do say it was wrong, they call the resistance that fought the US invasion as terrorists. And when the US created the real terrorist groups like ISIS and Nusra Front and other variants of al-Qaeda, those same propagandists forgot the core issue and painted the original resistance with the same brush as these real terrorist groups.

Similarly, **feminism,** we might see it as equal rights for women and honoring their achievements, what the western mainstream pundits tell us it's not that, but women running naked on the streets is feminism!

We can go on forever counting the differences. It is the parties that Mr. Berners-Lee pointed out as his respected pioneers who are the same culprits behind most of the trouble we face, the fact that he chose none else than the New York Times to publish his opinion doesn't encourage adopting it at all. For me now it looks like the New World Order is getting its engine in place.

Wikipedia, an Israeli controlled information encyclopedia turned disinformation on sensitive topics, **[Reporters without Borders](** promoting NATO bombing and invasion of Syria after Libya based on utter lies; Google, Facebook and other tech giants to lead in the **Contract for the Web?** Give me a break please.

*-Both images used are from the New York Times post.*

**Your objective comments are always welcomed.**

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