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My Second Post by jaydanger

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My Second Post
So last Friday I got almost three hours of spin time on a pioneer XDJ-RX.  It was at a gym, and even though not many people came through, it seemed like everybody enjoyed the music that I played.  Especially the host...and that is all that mattered to me!

Above is a short video clip of the main room.  It doesn't look like much right now, but some nights it gets decked out and lit!

This was my second live public performance.  I'm sad that I forgot to hit the record button before I started my set.  I was actually quite pleased about how it turned out, and I wish I could have shared it with you...I at least wanted to have it on record so that in the future I could go back and look to see how my skills had increased.

The last public set that I spun was several months ago at an art studio.  I managed to get a recording of that set:

The microphone wasnt routed through the recorder so it didnt pick up my voice and i just removed the dead air...

I haven't had much experience on real dj equipment, so I dont know any fancy DJ moves yet, but I spin DJ, and I try to respect the sacredness of each tracks as much as possible.

While I was spinning last Friday I got invited to go out to a free drum and bass show at a new club in town.

I'm so glad that I went, I was extremely impressed with the artwork and decor of the place.  And the DJs were awesome!  Not many people showed up that night but the music was really moving.  And best of all I ran into a woman who I've been hoping to see again.
Since no one responded to my first post I realize that I dont need to overthink these and should just go ahead and share as much as I can until I naturally build up a following.  I do look forward to the first human response though. ; )

And today I spent some time tending to my plot in the community garden:

I inherited the plot and have been maintaining it.  I planted more onions, tomatoes, and giant okra called Luffa!

I am really looking forward to my next post, as i plan to get more into the meat of what I am trying to accomplish.  Thank you for reading this post.  I did this one with my phone.  I hope to continual produce better and better blog posts.



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