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Continuous Journeys by priyabeasle

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Continuous Journeys
If you have a business trip or a personal trip plan, setting yourself up for the journey before you travel will prevent you from experiencing tedious moments and often experience problems. In this regard, very useful for those who travel constantly, cheap air tickets, city maps, rental house and so on. You can also make your final preparations before the trip by browsing the travel app list.

The first of the list is undoubtedly uber. Especially with this application that will be more useful for your travel abroad, you can avoid paying high taxi fare and you can also travel safely. serving systems in over 100 countries, it is also used in an active way in Turkey. Simply start using the app for a comfortable and luxurious journey.

Airbnb is the best alternative if you want to resolve your accommodation economically, especially before you go abroad. Airbnb, which is one of the many ways of earning money abroad, can provide a nice stay in family temperature and you can meet your short stay stays at affordable prices.

Google Maps, you will not even much work in Turkey. Google Maps will help you in many ways, from navigation to locating, preventing you from getting lost and allowing you to reach where you want without wasting time.

Citymapper is an application specifically designed for cities and can meet all the needs of the people in the city. With the application that can calculate the travel time between two points, you can make your daily plans more accurately.

Packpoint is actually a personal assistant. It prepares you according to the information in the system for your destination and the instant information such as the weather and a list for your travel bag. Thus, preparing and last-minute surprises disappear.

XE Currency, where you can calculate the value of all currencies in the world, will be your biggest helper during your stay abroad. You can easily learn the most up-to-date prices when exchanging money or buying currencies.

The Mobile Passport, available for use by the United States, gives you priority by avoiding waiting on your passport. By downloading the application, you can pass the boring controls in the airports more easily if you scan the passport. Mobile Passport, currently used in almost every airport in the US, saves time.


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