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Korean Drama Recommendation: Hospital Ship by jassennessaj

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Korean Drama Recommendation: Hospital Ship
I must admit that I'm really not into medical dramas. I don't find them boring but I don't find them entertaining as well. They're simply not my thing. But there is one medical Korean drama that really captured my attention and urged me to watch it. Hospital Ship is probably one of the best K-dramas I've watched. It has all the elements that I'm looking for a TV series. It's a 40-episode drama with something to look forward to in every episode.
The story revolves around Song Eun Jae, a very skillful yet cold and heartless doctor. She's worked her way to the top and was known for her excellent skills. She was very hardworking and goal-driven to the point of neglecting her own mother who later on died while she was away from her. An unfortunate incident caused her to be terminated from the well-known and prestigious hospital she's working at. Her plans and goals were ruined by that incident. By some twist of fate, she ended up working on the hospital ship. The said ship sails along the rural islands to provide medical service to people. It used to offer standard check ups only but when Song Eun Jae came, they started to conduct complicated surgeries because of her talent and skills.

The cold-hearted Eun Jae's life changed when she mingled with her workmates on the hospital ship. Most especially Kwak Hyun, a passionate and light-hearted doctor who was also dealing with serious family issues. He was not as skillful as Eun Jae in terms of being a doctor but he was more compassionate towards his patients. The two of them, despite of their differences, eventually fell in love with each other. He was able to turn Song Eun Jae into a different person. She became more approachable and compassionate towards others. The friendship that was formed inside the hospital ship made them work stronger as a team.
What I love about this series is that each episode offers something new and exciting. There were a lot of scenes where they were seen conducting complicated operations which were definitely intense and nerve-wracking. The intensity of each scene helped build the overall impact of the series. Each character portrayed their respective roles very well and they were all convincing. Furthermore, it is apparent that the storyline was well-thought and well-made. The production value was also beyond impressive. There is no doubt why this K-drama has achieved high ratings and was well-received by the viewers.
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## Looking for a Korean drama to watch? 
Try Hospital Ship, and I assure you, you wouldn't stop watching it down to the last episode. It's definitely worth your time! 
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