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RE: Can a Community be Successful Without Leadership? - A Look At "The Tyranny of Structurelessness" by anthonyadavisii

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> Decentralization doesn’t have to mean Disorganized

My initial introduction to decentralization was not within the realm of technology but rather the military. Coincidentally, it was in the tenets of small unit leadership whereby authority is delegated by the commander to troop leaders who are able to act independently to achieve the Commanders intent.

Commanders intent conveys the overarching goals / objectives but does not necessarily specify how exactly to get there. This affords the troop leaders flexibility to creatively problem solve. This is great as it allows commanders to defer the specifics the the leaders who more intimately know their troops' capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

It's kind of like being a parent. We know our kids better than anybody else. We know their triggers. We know perhaps the things that motivate them. If there is something difficult that we need to get them through, we know just the thing to bribe then with. <sub>In my little ones case, it's Kinder Surprise Eggs or Cake Pops.</sub>

In any case, I concur that stake should not be seen as a metric for leadership so much. Perhaps, the person was decisive and courageous in their investment here. (Some may argue foolhardy but I digress) That is actually 2 USMC leadership traits there.

### But there is so much more.

14 to be precise. [Leadership traits]( that is. 

Tact is another one. This is one I may falter in from time to time. Every leader has shortcomings. I think if leadership can be boiled down to it's most basic component. It is this.


No man is going to respect an officer that deserted his men in a firefight leaving them for dead. That so called leader did not stand behind his men. He was not willing to sacrifice life and limb for the troops under his command. The most decisive metric of leadership is sacrifice.

Of course, one also helps to have the substance to be able to back up the leadership skills in their respective industry.

Well my comment is getting lengthy so guess I better cut it short (my last one was as well and not sure if you had a chance to read. Maybe it was kind of off topic. Idk) . I also see what I believe to be the cash grab apps you may be referring using the shared inflation pool. :Cough: :cough: <sub> appics</sub>

Think I may be coming down with something 🤧 jk

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