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I wasn't in love with you by mochifa

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I wasn't in love with you
Of course I was a child, and if I didn't go home in the evening I felt like I couldn't go again. You got your number on the rocks, you handed me your home phone, and your cell phone didn't reach us back then.

When I saw my sadness and longing for a final beginner's kiss, I sent you the feeling that I met you for the first time as I stepped behind me and covered my whole self and my body, as if my shoulders were two to three times wider than my normal, my chest was swollen, the flames were gushing.

That day I was a victorious commander and my friends who played ball in the neighborhood were the only little brats in my eyes. Yes, I became a man that evening, or rather I thought I was taking a big step towards becoming, for the first time I was beaten on your lips, my core sword and the first water you have given and shaped again in your own way.

 I wasn't in love with you, but I could die for you, I waited all night in my eyes, my endless energy kept me awake to imagine what I would do until I was in the morning, yeah tomorrow it was going to be a better day than today, while my peers are in the pursuit of playing pastry plum, I am Alamut on the autonomous coast as far as the citadel, it was far from the eyes of the caverns, but I was going to fall in love with myself in the false paradise with the sentences I established all night and the unbearable kisses that I believe I have learned.

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