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Investing in Leo Tokens
So finally I made this move of making some investments in Leo. To be very honest for a long time I had not thought about it and was contemplative to do so. To be true, I have not done any study or research around the coin, so I am not going to share any technical analysis of the coin. I have just gone with my gut and I feel it will give some good results. After all investments is about getting some decent returns.


Again to look at it, I have not made an investment from my own income. I did an ETH trade in which I managed to earn 1 ETH, so half of it I decided to convert it to Leo token, and that's what I did. I managed to get around 950$ of the ETH and in conversion got me 1250 Leo which is approximately at .85

The only thing I feel bad is that I set the buy order when there was a surge in the Leo price and it went up to .89, if I could have waited for some more time, I would have got a little extra. But then to think of it, every time I do this, that I wait for the price to come down and in the bargain it goes up and I end up buying for more price. So no regrets now. 

Today the price is at .70 so I am feeling good and smart about the move, thought even ETH crossed 2k, but I feel that Leo in the months to come will give better returns then ETH. I do plan to increase my Leo stake a little bit more in the days to come. so let's see.

On the powering up, I am still not sure if I will do it or not, may be 50% of it. What I like about Leo is that it has consistently risen with the market. There are no big dumps and pumps here, so that brings in some stability for the coin.

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