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I Feel like My Facial Bone Recedes More by cryptopie

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· @cryptopie ·
I Feel like My Facial Bone Recedes More
<center>__My Facial Bone, April 2019__</center>

A few years ago I had this great worry that I would get likened to the __Elephant Man__ where his face grew into hideous proportions. Well at least he is not in pain unlike me where I am still contending with my feet joints and weakness not to mention my inability to enjoy food because of the side-effects of Cinacalcet is giving me.

But after more than three years of taking Cinacalcet I had gotten some breakthroughs because for one thing my pain issues had diminished considerably and now I am no longer getting that lingering back pain that I was suffering with for many years already.

What was also good was my facial bone receded back because when it was on its peak I cannot even close my lips shut and I could not stick my tongue out to lick my lips. Now I can stick my tongue out more which is an evidence that my facial bone had gotten smaller from the peak more than three years ago.

Still my mouth would open if I would relax my mouth but the opening or gap had improved compared from three years ago. Also I can now be understood when I speak unlike in the former times where even my parents cannot understand what I am trying to say.

Now I can converse with people even though my voice had changed due to the fact that my mouth structure and teeth had changed as well not to mention that my neck also suffered from the curvature of my spine but at least I can converse with people and I can be understood and I am so grateful for that.

I am still observing if my facial bone would improve more and that would be like a miracle. But my end-goal really is for my Parathyroid to at least normalize or be taken-off although not entirely because we needed some of its function, I am just wanting my appetite level to go back to me so that at least I can enjoy food unlike these past few years where it had been so affected by my Cinacalcet intake.

I am happy that the worry in my head that my facial bone would grow and grow is no more. For as long as I am taking Cinacalcet it will be controlled for now. Then the alleviation of my pain issues is something to celebrate with because all my financial efforts to improve my health now is paying up its dividends that I a reaping right now.

Even though I can never go back to my previous body state and condition at least I had done some damage control and with a bone of receding facial bone deformity that I thought will get worse a few years ago but now things had been improved thanks be to God.


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