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Giving Your Employees Greater Meaning And Fulfillment
What are the meaning and fulfillment of Money? Many Christians struggle with this question because they believe that when we are financially secure it means that we have achieved true happiness. But this simply isn't true! And, if you are seeking true financial security and peace in your life, then you really must ask yourself what is the meaning and fulfillment of money. You see, when I speak of money as meaning and fulfillment, what I am really saying is that there are things that are more important than money.
For example, let's say that you are a stay-at-home mother of three. You have wonderful, loving, self-sufficient children, and you enjoy spending time with them each day. But you know that you must earn an income in order to support yourself and your family; otherwise, you will have no extra cash to purchase the items you love or afford the types of vacations you have always wanted. Consequently, finding meaningful employment that offers both a paycheck and a bit of additional cash in your pocket each month can become a bit of a challenge.

On the other hand, when you are financially secure, you know that your children are in safe hands, and that your own happiness is not dependent on the success or failure of others. Consequently, making work experience the opportunity to gain additional insight and wisdom is fulfilling. This richer perspective makes it easier to pursue meaningful relationships and pursue a higher level of professional and personal success. It is thus possible for me to speak of the meaning and fulfillment of money. Meaning and fulfillment occur when individuals realize their own inherent value, regardless of the material comforts they may accumulate. When you are financially secure, you are free to use your talents and abilities to make the world a better place.

So, what are the meaning and fulfillment of being wealthy? Well, I would submit to you that wealth and happiness are often correlated. Let's say that being wealthy can make us happier. Certainly, the pursuit of happiness is important. But if we are pursuing wealth and feel primarily joy within our ability to acquire material possessions, this can tend to take us away from finding true happiness. Dr. Richard Carlson, author of How to Have Joy and Meaning in Your Life writes, "When you realize you are the architect of your own happiness, then joy becomes a kind of habit and you may find it hard to give it up."

I find that my employees come to me for help with having fun. Employees want meaningful work experience and there is nothing that motivates them more than earning a paycheck. Yet, when they ask what their paycheck means to them, I find that many of them have forgotten what the meaning of it is. In addition, my employees come to me for help with having fun.

Having a fulfilling career does not mean that you will be happy all of the time. Indeed, I have several people in my department that suffer from chronic illnesses. Each one of these individuals truly wants a meaningful life, yet they continue to work in an environment where they continually do things that cause them chronic pain. Instead of working towards freedom and a joyful existence, these individuals simply work towards maintaining their status, instead of living out their dreams. Indeed, when I find meaning and fulfillment in something, I want to be associated with achieving that goal.

When I share with other companies the way that our company has expanded due to our employees' vision, cooperation and the sharing of new standards of success, we all benefit. The employees enjoy new meaning in their jobs, the employers enjoy new fulfillment in their employee experience and the larger business enjoys a new standard of success. This kind of company-employee relationship has only been recently discovered. Yet, this is what so many companies are finding out - by viewing employees as beloved partners, not only do they get the benefits of the company, but they also help create a sense of community within the company, which results in lasting relationships with long-term customers.,f_auto,q_auto,fl_lossy/fc/3032126-poster-p-1-how-to-find-meaning-during-your-pursuit-of-happiness-at-work.jpg
As a business leader, how can you create a workplace that provides employees with greater meaning and fulfillment? How can you give your employees a new standard of success where they feel valued? What can you do today to ensure that your company provides its employees with meaningful work that changes lives? I know you can do it.
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