The Secret of Happiness - Find the Joy in Your Life and Live It Fully by basnoli

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The Secret of Happiness - Find the Joy in Your Life and Live It Fully
What is the secret of happiness? Is there really a secret? And if there is a secret, how can we find it and enjoy true happiness in life? These are just some of the questions I will be exploring in this Secret of Happiness special.


First we need to realize what happiness is. In the field of psychology and happiness, there is one school of thought that happiness is a one way street. According to this school, happiness is simply existing in the present moment.

Others believe that happiness is something different. They believe that happiness is relative, at least in the eyes of the observer. In their world, happiness is measured by subtracting the person's past experiences from the person's present situation. According to these psychotherapists, the pleasure seeker is not seeking pleasure in the moment; he or she is seeking to escape from pain and achieve happiness relative to the world that they exist in at the present time. This is not dissimilar to the Buddhist concept of dukkha.

The most popular secret of happiness remains to be experienced. People who say they are happy are not necessarily happy, or at least, not as happy as they would like to be. Happiness is a subjective state, dependent upon one's moods. Everyone has a slightly different experience in the presence of others. So the secret is really a matter of finding one's happy place.

In fact, the most important secret of happiness, according to many psychologists, is that one must learn how to feel good about the little things in life. We need to cultivate feelings of accomplishment for us to feel good. We should also learn to feel good about small things that others might point out as wrong, but which are often right in the eyes of the self.

What we need to do then is to make sure that our daily schedule includes two hours of exercise, and another two hours of reading. We should also make sure that we eat a very healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. We can eat one of those rare meals during the week where we cook the food ourselves, or we can prepare the food at home, just like a five star hotel has their food cooked for them daily. We can even create simple recipes that will feed us for the week and into the future. The secret of happiness is this: If we take care of our bodies on a daily basis, we will automatically take care of the people we love most on a personal level.

Another secret is that we ought to be thankful. Not only does one accumulate joy through the simple act of being grateful, but we also find more meaning in our lives and find a greater wisdom and insight into how to live and move forward. By grateful for the little things in our lives, we can give thanks everyday for the good fortune we are enjoying and the little things that just seem to happen to us. What is the secret of happiness? Giving thanks everyday!

Now that you know what the secret of happiness is, don't keep it a secret. Live fully! Give thanks every day for every small thing that happens to you in life, and find happiness in each little achievement. This is the best way to move forward in your life and achieve the goals you desire!

The secret of happiness is also about finding joy in the small things in life and savoring each moment fully. Sometimes we may fail to savor the flavor of a cup of coffee, or the feeling of family. But you know what? Those moments will become some of the most cherished memories in your life, and they will bring about a sense of well-being. So why would we want to keep the secret of happiness a secret?

Some people are so busy worrying about the future and fretting about their past that they forget about the things that are most important in their daily lives. The most important secret is this: You only have two hours in a day. Why not use that time to look at all the marvels in life? To find serenity and peace in a world that seems like it's going to come to an end any second. To take two hours and look at the wonderful world around you and appreciate the miracle that created it. To listen to the wisdom of the ancient people who came before us and learn from their mistakes while we grow and improve upon ourselves and the next generation.
The secret of happiness is knowing that every day brings a new lesson and new discoveries. Look for the opportunities to learn and take advantage of every little nugget of knowledge. The man who once said, "I had been unhappy but now I am happy," is the man who learned that being happy means looking at the nuggets of joy within himself. He chose to be happy. Isn't it time you chose to be happy? Take the first step today and find it!
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