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How to Become Aware of Negative Thoughts
To learn how to become aware of negative thoughts, you first need to understand what they are. In everyday life we tend to attract whatever we are experiencing. A beautiful place to be or experience is always surrounded by a negative flow of thinking. We are surrounded with negative ideas and feeling. When we start to notice that this is happening around us we then begin to question whether these thoughts are creating an unhappy feeling or not.
What is important to realise is that our thoughts create our reality. So, when we decide to go somewhere we tend to think about the weather or the time of day. These thoughts are the ones that create the reality and by being aware of this we can begin to change them. In this article we will examine one very simple step that can be used to help people who are feeling negative about themselves and their mental health.

When we analyse negative thoughts, it can sometimes feel like they are making themselves worse. So the first step in becoming aware of negative thoughts is to question them. It can be difficult but it is possible. To question them we need to consider the words that are being used and we need to ask how they are impacting the way we are seeing the situation. This can sometimes be difficult but it is possible.

An example of this is when we are talking to someone. If we are constantly talking to ourselves, we may find that the other person begins to feel pressured and worried. The first thing we need to do is realise that there is nothing wrong with them except that we are not talking to them in their best interest. To change this we need to question our own thought patterns. To change our thought patterns, we need to question those negative thinking patterns.

When we become mindful of our negative thoughts, we can then take time out to reflect on the situation. If we have previously been feeling stressed, worried or angry we should think about how the problem came about. We may find that something else came into play or that we simply didn't know how to handle the situation. Once we have given some thought to the problem, we can then work on how we will approach the meeting or any future situations in a more positive way.

It can be difficult to bring awareness to our own feelings. It can be very easy to let anger take control and we can feel powerless. However, when we are in these difficult emotions we should try to focus on something neutral. If we were discussing an issue in our family home for instance, then it would be helpful if we could bring up something in a happy context. If we discuss a problem that is happening with someone in our workplace for instance, then bring up something in a neutral way.

A lot of people can't bring themselves to change their negative thinking. They may feel it is too difficult or that they don't have the power to change this way. It is important however, that we don't feel powerless. Thinking that we can't change something is not the same as feeling that it doesn't exist. The only way we can change something is by taking action.
If we continue to ignore negative thoughts then they will continue to affect us. The first thing we should do though is to acknowledge that we are having them. When we don't acknowledge the negativity that we are experiencing, we will simply continue to live with it. Becoming aware of our negative thoughts is a very important first step in changing them. This awareness will lead to a greater ability to change and have a more positive and peaceful life.
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