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Why We Should Have Tolerance of Differences
"Be accepting of differences" is one of the most fundamental of all life skills. The United States was built on the fact that people from different ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations and cultures can be fully integrated and lead productive and successful lives. Diversity is an important ingredient in the American dream. Unfortunately, too many Americans feel like they are being divided and not accepted for who they are. "Be accepting of differences" not only applies to personal relationships but also to one's interactions with others. The following tips will help you understand and deal with the existence of various types of diversity:

*Tolerance for difference does not mean you have to act differently. If you know you would act differently if you were surrounded by different ethnic groups, religious faiths or cultures choose to act differently so as to treat everyone equal. Otherwise, you will create a sense of division and intolerance for other people's choices and beliefs. This could reverse the intended purpose of diversity initiatives.

*Tolerance for differences requires you to be self-confident. Self-confidence is the ability to think well on your own and achieve your goals. It also involves being confident in your own skin and what you are doing. If you are convinced of your abilities, you will be less likely to question others' assumptions and beliefs. In the parenting section of this article, you will learn that self-confidence helps explain why some people become so successful and others remain so unsuccessful. If you lack self-confidence, you may limit your ability to take risks and seek new opportunities.

*In accepting and loving diversity, you have to get comfortable with many different kinds of people. If you attend a school that is majority white, you may not have time to make friends with many different children of color. If you want to maximize your chances of developing close and lasting relationships with diverse kids, it is important that you learn to make friends with them early on.

*It helps children learn to appreciate differences and work together as a community. Diversity can often mean the difference of opinion. Many of us harbor intolerant attitudes and feelings about other people and issues. However, when young children are involved, they help develop open and polite opinions.

* coworker diversity helps build self-confidence. The presence of people with different types of backgrounds and ideas helps kids gain perspective. For instance, when working in a lab, it is easy to shut down when things don't go right. However, when with a couple of kids of different colors, their different types of thinking helps them see the situation differently. Being able to see different types of possibilities gives kids a greater chance to grow their self-confidence.

In conclusion, it does not matter if you are parent or not. When dealing with any family member, it helps to have some awareness about their individual characteristics. When parents accept and understand these essential traits, they allow kids the freedom to be creative and come up with new and positive ways of approaching differences and parenting them.
If you would like more information about how to parent kids who are different from your own, consider the "How to Parent" e-book that discusses diversity and tolerance in the home. It offers many different types of strategies for teaching kids how to deal with difference. This book can serve as an introduction to the subject and as a reference when confronted with difficult situations. It makes it clear that while tolerance and understanding are important, they need not mean blind loyalty. This e-book is the perfect gift for the mom or dad of another parent set on learning about diversity and tolerance themselves. It has been proven to help with this important subject and many other aspects of family life.
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